Window R8 disappears briefly

I was in the “visibility” window in R8 and I selected the revolve tool only to find the window disappeared briefly then came back with the command box on the screen no matter what application was open. See images.

Hi Joe -

What is the “visibility” window? Can you consistently reproduce the behavior you are seeing? If so, what are the specific steps I need to take to make that happen here?

Visibility meaning the isolation of a part of the drawing to work on it separately. In the menu bar its with the other selections like curve tools, render, etc. I have no idea how you can repeat this problem. I selected or clicked on the revolve tool and the window disappeared. This time it came back by itself but I sent other messages saying that the Rhino only came back after selecting another application then clicking in the dock at the bottom of the Mac screen the Rhino icon. Rhino did not crash but disappeared.

This problem of R8 disappearing is still present but difficult to explain. While working on my drawing I was once again in the window for isolating a part of the drawing and I moved the cursor over the different tool icons in the sidebar and there was a very brief flash on the screen of a part of my drawing. I then selected the circle tool to create a circle with three points and Rhino disappeared( this has happened with other tools as well). At the top of my screen was the Finder’s menu and at the bottom was the bottom Rhino bar(osnap, smartrack, etc.). I then clicked on the R8 icon in the “dock” and R8 reappeared.

Is no one there to address this problem? It has happened again but this time R8 did not disappear but the tool selected(Boolean split) did not work correctly. I have a cylinder and two spheres at each end and I wanted to make a concave recession in each end. Once again when passing the cursor over the tool selections in the left sidebar I got the window flash and the name of the tool selected appears in a rectangle and remains in place superposed on the other tools. When I tried to execute the Boolean split by selecting the form to split( there is a sphere at both ends of the cylinder) then the cutting object, the sphere at one end, is selected but when I tap enter both spheres are selected and only one end is cut. This seems odd but this happens when R8 is open for several hours and even if the drawing has been saved. Help please.

yes i get this when editing tools bars ,

So what is the answer ?

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I have the same issue +1
on two different macs, had it on 8.0, and get it now on 8.1