(Bug) Rhino-window disappears

sorry if I write 2 Bugs in one topic

(1) Rhino window disappears

steps to reproduce
open new document.
hover over nested toolbar.
while focus is on this toolbar type some stuff (“box”, “boundingbox” …)
now slowly move the mouse back to the commandline - as soon as mouse is over input-field - rhino window is lost.


(2) commandline - flyout / suggestions /

moved to new topic

thanks for haveing a look at those things - kind regards - tom

Hi Tom, thanks, I’ll check this.

@Tom_P - something must be different, here - if the cascaded toolbar has focus, I just get beeps from typing.


yes i have the beeps also (did not manage to record system audio, sorry)… no input … and then move the mouse…window disappears…

but were you able to reproduce the disappearing window ?

Hi Tom - I was not so far, no. I gather it is reliable for you…?


(not sure if I 100% understand your question “gather+reliable”)

…yes I can reproduce this Bug without any problems (also after restart)

(It is very helpful to have these bugs in separate topics, but as they are reported in a single post, they are not easy to tease apart.)

The first bug

(1) Rhino window disappears

looks very similar to:

which I also cannot reproduce here. Not for lack of trying.

… sorry I got a bit lazy regarding bugs.

create a separate topic, as there where only reply s to the disappearing window…
hope that s fine now and get solved soon.

No worries :slight_smile: Best that the bugs get reported…just mentioning that it helps us juggle these if they are separate.

I will attempt to reproduce this on macOS Ventura and Monterey (because I’m having no luck in Sonoma)

I am on Ventura 13.5.1 (22G90)

systeminfo_tp_23-12-19.txt (4.8 KB)

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I tested with Rhino 8.3 for Mac on macOS Ventura 13.6.1 and I could not reproduce this behavior. I cannot type once the nested toolbar is visible.

I also can not type - just get annoying “blubing blubing” beeps.
just type anything. a few characters
I think this is important to distract the focus

then slowly move the mousepointer ( i am using the trackpad of a macbook pro intel) -
EDIT - also can reproduce with external mouse.

Success! At least partially. I can now reproduce this on macOS Ventura 13.6.1. Now I’ll try again on macOS Sonoma…

…and I cannot. This feels like a side-effect of a macOS bug that has been fixed.