Rhino window disappears

While working on a drawing I was in the top view and selected a point of light from the menu bar and the window closed. Rhino did not crash but disappeared from the computer screen, it was if I clicked on something outside of the Rhino window. The main menu bar at the top was still there and when I selected the Beta icon from the alias’ at the bottom of the screen the window came back. This has happened several times in Rhino 8 Beta Mac and not just with the lighting tool.

Hi Joe -

Can you provide more details about this?
Are you picking something from this menu?


No. It just happened again. I was picking the sketch tool while in front view and the window disappeared. I brought it back by clicking on the icon for Beta at the bottom of the screen but the sketch doesn’t work and the small panel with the name of the tool selected remains in the window and will not disappear. Photo uploades.

Once again. This time I was touching the different line icons to see what they represent and while going from one to another the window again disappeared.

This problem still exists. This time I selected the elipse tool and after selecting the point tp draw an elipse the window disappeared. It has happened several times. I am wondering if it is the result O R8 being open for several hours because as soon as I saved my drawing and restarted R8 the problem stopped.

I suspect this topic is the same as these two:

and I think we’ve pinned this on macOS Ventura-only. If I’m correctly reproducing this problem (which I can on Ventura) then I think the course of action is to update to Sonoma.