Wind Flow Map to vectors or curves




I would like to create wind flow map as it is on attached images. I will use that kind of map to extract direction vectors and possibly also density of flow (if possible). I will use that data to rule my design of wine bottles wall - as seen on attached picture.

My idea is to create somehow “path curves” and interpolate its direction through desired field. Or maybe points with vectors? I played with vector fields (point charge) and tried to tween multiple curves, even tried “culebra” plugin. But without any satisfaction. The closest I got was when using culebra.

I would be glad for any ideas that could help me finding the solution.



UPDATE: It seems that I cracked the challange. At the end - no plugin required (just enriched graph mapper, but also works with the original one, just needs to remap numbers first). I also wrote simple python script to get field lines.

It still has stomthing to improve, but I am already satisfied with the result. And it’s light code with minimum elements. I will update this post as soon as I manage to improve the script.


Now even with vector field smoothing and path curve smoothing… :smile: