RECOMMENDATION. Plugins to work with vector fields in grasshopper?

Hello sailors!
I’m looking for recomendations of plugins that work with force fields in gh other than the one that comes built in.
I found FORCE FIELD PLUS but it is a paid plugin and I’m not sure if it is what I need right now, so I’m looking for any free alternative that works with fields.
Anything helps!


Best Regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

I use FlowL, it has 4 components in total but they works pretty well
what uses are you after?

Can flow generate orthogonal fields too?

Such as:

Would be really interesting to experiment with this.

not to my knowledge, but given a curve in general (also coming from a field stream) you can evaluate it at given steps, “round” its tangent vectors to the closest Pi/4 angle and use the partial result of the mass addition of those vectors [+ a 0,0,0] to move the curve start point in kind of sort of similar trajectory :slight_smile:
(it looks like a bad idea :smiley: for sure it’s not a clean method, just a brute approximation…)

You’re looking for discreet vectors/polylines (cf. Pufferfish examples).