Creating a randomized wind current map with curves?

I know that Grasshopper can generate and manipulate curves without any issue, but I’m specifically wondering if anyone has any clever ideas for how one might plausible looking randomized wind maps like this?

I know this veers really far into dynamics / fluid simulation territory, so I’m not expecting to have ever create something that has actual calculated simulated forces and dynamics involved using Grasshopper :slight_smile: I’ll leave that to Houdini, or something.

But I’m wondering if there are any clever ideas or “hacks” in which you could generate hundreds/thousands of curves like this which have some sort of swirling/twisting/converging around randomized nodes? Basically a cheat to get to something close to this.


Check this

But this has no relation with grasshopper. Purely JAVA based.


See Grasshoppers field components. (10.5 KB)


This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much Daniel.