Why release Rhino 8 if so many features have been dropped from WIP

Hi, wouldn’t it be better to wait to release Rhino 8 so we have constraints, flair and other features included, I was looking forward to the dropped features, thanks

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But above all, the beta is super buggy and the UI very laggy…
(mac version)


indeed lately when i try to do one thing with rhino i immediately run into omnipresent bugs basically stopping me from attempting to do anything. sometimes i find my strength to report it but other times i feel resigned.

What other features were dropped from the WIP, not including suggestions which McNeel never had on the Rhino 8 list? The official list of features is at Rhino WIP Features

Which presumably is why it is still a Beta and not released. It appears that the developers are very busy fixing the problems.

Is you complaint specific to Rhino 8 Beta, or to Rhino 7?

Because it would be another 3 years perhaps?

You can start using the V9 WIP as soon as V8 is released (assuming you buy the upgrade), and the features you mentioned will be in there.

I see the Render presets and Grasshopper 2 are still WIP as well

Grasshopper 2 will be in WIP for a long time yet. Rhino 8 ships with Grasshopper 1 but with a lot of updates and improvements over the V7 version.

From what I understand, you only have access to WIP if you purchase a new license, I’ll be upgrading from 7 to 8, so unless I am wrong, I won’t be able to access the improvements until the next Beta release

Anyone who has a Rhino 8 license including upgrades from previous Rhino versions (except for trial licenses) will be able to use Rhino 9 WIP.

Incorrect. If you have a paid license (new or upgrade) of V8, you can use the V9 WIP.

That is incorrect.
Anyone that holds a paid license for the current shipping version; new or upgrade, Educational or Commercial, is welcome to participate in the WIP development process.

Thanks to everyone clearing that up, I misunderstood the literature