Rhino 8 WIP status

Hello, just two short questions :

  1. Since R7 is official released and we have a R8 WIP may I ask if there are already new features tested/implemented in the WIP ? What is the difference to R7, Is that documented somewhere?

2.Since R7 is official released R8 WIP is now the new Serengeti correct?

Hi Andreas -

As before, every new public WIP is announced with a list of changes - Rhino 8 WIP Available Now! - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

That’s correct, yes.

thanks Wim,

since the announcements as far as I understand just relate to changes / fixes / additions related to the previous version, I wonder if there is a place where all new features are listed, even if they did not change since the last version…

@brian or @will if we could get an auto-generated merged view of the posts that are created every week for announcing new builds, that would seem to fit the bill. For the Rhino 8 WIP, we could have a single page that is just all of the bullet points that are made for Rhino 8 WIP Available Now!, but merged into a set of sections.


(This isn’t auto-generated) but are you thinking something like this?

This is what we have for Rhino 8 so far. Should the first post be updated with each release to be “the complete list”, and we can add weekly updates as replies?

Bugs Fixed:

  • Display: Switching to display mode based on Realtime Display Mode caused complete system freeze (RH-62425)
  • Display Metal: Only single pixel wire thickness is supported (RH-61642)
  • Eto: Custom Material slider mouse-over feedback is inconsistent (RH-61780)
  • MergeAllCoplanarFaces: Did not merge faces all at once in some cases (RH-62565)
  • OSnap: PersistentOnMesh was broken (RH-63207)
  • SubD: ZoomNaked doesn't work with SubD objects (RH-49852)

Features Added:

  • AlignVertices: Added AverageVertexesToAdjust option (RH-62802)
  • Eto: DropDownOpening / Closing events for ButtonMenuItem (RH-63082)
  • Lasso: New SelRectangular command (RH-62805)
  • MatchMeshEdge: Added AverageVertexesToAdjust and Join options (RH-62525)

Performance Improvements:

  • Display Metal: Optimized with moving curve tessellation compute stage earlier (RH-62879)

Regressions Fixed:

  • File IO: Solidworks import made inconsistent normals (RH-60639)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Core Architecture: Mac OS 10.15 is made a system requirement for V8 (RH-62207)
  • Display:
    • Added initial clipping plane support to Metal wire drawing shader (RH-61486)
    • Metal had a problem of setting up buffer (RH-62756)
  • Display Metal:
    • Supports overlay drawing (RH-61853)
    • Supports indexed vbos for curve drawing (RH-61973)


  • Display Metal: Supports drawing text (RH-61527)

Features Added:

  • Display Metal: Added initial support for Dot drawing (RH-61507)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Installer: Requires Windows 10 for Rhino 8 (RH-61826)

Tasks Completed:

  • Rhino Installer Engine: Updated for Rhino 8 (RH-61576)

Yes! You read my mind

Ok, I’ve updated the first post at Rhino 8 WIP Available Now! with the current complete list. I’ll try to continue to do so as we release each WIP.


Can I ask… Rhino 7 was just released, and Rhino releases are often years and years apart… why are there already seemingly bugfixes being moved to Rhino 8 instead of 7 (I see at least 1 bugfix that was reported for 7)?

I ask because I ended up awkwardly jumping between 7 WIP and 6 for a project, due to some fixes being in one but not the other, and that wasn’t a very good situation. I know I’m not alone in this, as I’ve seen people complain in several places on this forum that fixes are only done in WIP when they need them in production.

(I totally get it when a fix relies on a new feature, though.)

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Generally ‘bugfixes’ that require some major rework of core code - possibly breaking other existing functionality and plug-in compatibility - are moved to the WIP so as to insure stability of the release version.

This is also based on the fact that since V6, the WIPs have been available in parallel to the release version - so there is no waiting really - you can have fixes and new features as soon as they are implemented instead of having to wait for the next release.

Guess I had bad luck with my fixes, but I mentioned production, because I remember pestering the developers whether I should use the WIP in production, and (quite naturally) the official word is no. :slight_smile:

Yes, the official word is always no until the WIP hits the Beta stage. However, nothing should prevent you from using the WIP for the things you need that are fixed and the release version for the rest - keeping your files in the release version format.

Remember when FlowAlongSrf and Squish and all the other tools using that tech first came out? And people were using the WIP in production even though it wasn’t simply likely to crash but might actually damage your files when it did? Good times. :slight_smile:

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are we ever going to get good shadows?

In what? “Good” how?

It’s sunny outside here. Excellent shadows!

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skp. simple fast clean shadows:

RH7 default:

after changing settings:

the shadow is not crisp (though you can fiddle with settings to improve this slightly you shouldn’t have to), and the light source is not fixed relative to the model. it makes it hard to judge what you’re doing. the dark area is pitch black for some reason… like it’s painted with vantablack. rhino could get sued by anish kapoor for this.


If you want to have raytraced shadows instead of a shadow map, check out this thread:

i don’t want this in a raytraced viewport. that’s going to kill my gpu. this should be level of shadows in the “shaded” view… the GPU in wireframe view already idles at +10 to 15 degrees F with Rhino open in a blank model.

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I think you misunderstood: said settings are less taxing for your gpu.
I concur with your “vantablack” comment though.
I think this can be solved by custom lighting too, but it should look better on default.

@rhinouser11, are you talking about these kind of shadows? If yes, they can be set in the properties panel:

Cheers, Rudi