Rhino 7 BETA 1 Now Available!

Rhino 7 BETA 29-Sep-2020 Now Available to all Rhino 6 Users

Rhino 7 is released, BETA no longer available Download Rhino 7…

What is BETA? We’re not adding any new features, nor are we making significant changes to the UI. We’re also done breaking the APIs, so plug-ins written for this Beta will work in the commercial release of Rhino 7.

For the next few builds, we’ll be wrapping up documentation, localization, and working with our third-party developers to get their plug-ins tested in Rhino 7.

Please test all your Rhino 6 plug-ins, scripts, and other tools with Rhino 7 Beta. You can migrate your Rhino 7 plugins using the MigratePlugins command.

Let us and third party developers know if you have any problems with existing plug-ins.

Please report bugs that are regressions from Rhino 6, serious workflow issues, or problems with new features that you think make them unfit for release. Because we have no idea what kind of feedback we’ll get, we also have no idea when Rhino 7 will be officially released.


pls don’t forget a grace period when released.
my client just bought 2 v6 updates.


Out of curiosity and as there is a new WIP out now just today: what is the relation between version 7 WIP and Beta?

I certainly hope this is just in general; otherwise it seems to preclude fixing:

…any chances to see also Grasshopper 2 BETA soon?

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We don’t have the infrastructure to track this grace periods or free upgrades. Between now and the first announcement of Rhino 7 shipping there will be plenty of time for any reasonable grace period.

The WIP (Work-in-Progress) is where we do the bulk of the feature development - adding new features and making big changes to Rhino. The WIP process usually takes years. The BETA is where we refine and clean up the features, documentation, localization, and marketing materials in preparation for release. This process usually takes months.

Grasshopper 2 is being independently developed; it will not be available in Rhino 7, but may show up in Rhino 8 WIP. For details, watch the Grasshopper 2 Channel.

the question of all questions my friend!

Has the Rhino Installer Engine changed with the 7 Beta release? We are seeing issues with .rhi’s targeting Rhino 6 not installing on Rhino 6 after installing the Beta… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, there’s a bug in the installer for Rhino 7 that will be fixed in the next Beta. However, to get the fix, you’ll need to:

  1. Uninstall Rhino Beta
  2. Uninstall Rhino 6
  3. Reinstall Rhino Rhino 6
  4. Reinstall Rhino Beta released after Oct-4-2020
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Was it really necessary to leave all us High Sierra Mac users behind? The V7 WIP all worked on MacOS V10.13.6. What changed in the V7 Beta to make it necessary to go to V10.14.6?

Apple has a history of supporting only the three most recent macOS releases. When we release new products, we support only the operating systems that are supported by their manufacturers.

We also find that some of the most frustrating and impossible-to-fix problems - that also happen to cause us a lot of technical support effort - are on the oldest platforms. Our inability to fix problems on unsupported platforms, combined with the pain and cost of supporting them, leads us to not support the platform, either.


I wish to see “Sculpt” tools in Rhino 7 before releasing.