Whiskey glass and decanter

Edit: This became the end result:

And here is the starting point:

Testing out V7 so all geometry SubD, rendered in viewport with Raytraced and lit with two panels with PBR emitting materials. (Environment sat to 0.2 and dark gray single colored background) Backdrop is pure white plaster.



very cool !

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I thought the image needed a bit more atmosphere so I added a bottle:

Modelled in mesh with softening and thikness to get the sharp, but with an softness. Not an easy task, but I think it was worth it.




I would love to try rendering this. :slight_smile:

Hey, I am sure we can find a way. I’ll PM you.

I just did some modifications to the bottle since it had some issues with softening (you can see it above the outer “teardrops”) and one corner had a bug too.
And the top edge had some shell/soft issue too.
So that is fixed now.


Here you can see the “bugs”:

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filleted ice cubes… nah :smiley: otherwise that looks tasty.

They have chilld down the whiskey, so lost a bit of surface to that :wink:

And here is a small bonus:
(Quickly modified the Sub-D example file “Ring.3dm”)



yes thats clear, still just a bit unnatural to my eye. maybe some inclusions are missing, maybe some cracks inside, some negative volume, it is in fact not so easy to get clear ice. also low friction and gravity would settle the cubes more into the glass i assume. just some ideas in case you want to pursue it :wink:

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Yeah, I agree!
I did a fair bit of googleing “Whiskey on Ice” to get a descent representation of the basic shape they use for studio images of drinks :slight_smile: But I get your point, they are a bit too perfect and need some noice

People who don’t want melting ice to dilute their whiskey use chilled metal or stone cubes. Maybe you have added glass to the lexicon :wink:

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Oh, that is obtainable already :slight_smile:
And glass is used a fair bit in studio photography since it doesn’t melt (but breaks teeth though :wink: )
And they use glyserine for water droplets and all other dirty tricks to be able to shoot grain free, low ISO with lots of hot lamps for that exclusive, warm light of old fashioned bulbs.

dry ice, if you have some. but then again whiskey is mostly already diluted when you get it. at least the 40% stuff. to say a few ml of water will mess up your whiskey is probably overrated :smiley:

A measure is 25ml. An ice cube is, say 30ml. If the ice melts my 40% is down to 18%…
There are two workarounds: a) drink doubles, b) drink quickly. These may be combined.


Slightly better cubes, upgraded crystal glass on bottle and the updated bottle.

Personally I prefer my whiskey single malt and straight, but most professional tasters use water to open up the flavours, so to each his own.

None the less, thanks for the feedback, it’s always fun to be pushed further!


somebody at youtube told me they are using motoroil for pancake syrup photography :laughing:

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Ok, I needed one last shot with whiskey in the bottle and a cap that mathced it.
The Rhino looked too odd pointing straight up, so it would need a revisit…

(Something is going on, causing it to look like the top is full, so I will look into that later)

@Holo put some tiny mesh spheres in clusters inside your cubes, give them same material as the ice and flip the normals outward.


one idea could also be to change the refractive index severely. but flipping the normals might do just that even faster?

I’ll give it a go when I have time!