Whiskey glass and decanter

People put ice in their Whisky? Incredible.

That’s the equivalent of adding chlorine to water to help you float.

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Yeah, some people even refrigerate beer… :wink:

Is this wrong then?


Just an idea, In this case some natural small dirtiness detail on the floor can help to excel your glass material and “perfect” rendering. I use the metallic channel for this and not the roughness and in Rh the color channel.

A good single malt and coke hurts my heart, but whiskey and coke is on par with if not superior to a good rum and coke in my book! Cheers!

how dare you contaminate the coke with that.

Nice to see one try rendering transparent material. I work on glassware.


Wow! Those are amazing renders.
As it says: ‘practice makes the master’.

Thumbs up easily.