My very first Sub-d :)

Hi All
Never done any serious Sub-d modelling before, but have been looking forward to getting some more experience, so that it can become part of the toolbox, and decided on this little spare time project: The classic Ericofon. It’s not super precise, as it’s made from just a few reference images off the web, but still great fun! I really like where the Sub-d tools are heading - Great work, all involved!


Nice! You’re a pro already!

There’s help for this condition: simply chant - my name is xxx, and I’m a subDaholic…:wink:

Don’t let the Never Used Regularly Before Stoneageers intimidate you.

Great stuff and an excellent example of where SubD excels normal nurbs modelling.
What was your modelling time?

Care to share an image with isocurves turned on?

And if you play with the HDRI’s Gamma settings you should be able to get more convincing contrasts in the reflections too, since that HDRI looks a bit flat.

What renderer did you use?

@Normand mentioned keyshot in tags. So keyshot rendering. @Holo

Update: Example



Looks really good, nice job

Hi @Holo
Sure thing - iso screen grab attached. As you can see, I had to make the lower “lip” in NURBS. I couldn’t get the edge to look right, but the main shape didn’t take long to nail - probably due to the fact that, I didn’t have a lot of proper reference images. I’d call it a loose interpretation :slight_smile: I guess the complete model took me 4 hours or so - It was made during the evening while watching “His Dark Materials” on HBO, so didn’t really keep track. And the the render is bland, I know - mostly default settings in Keyshot (and a few materials from previous projects), as it was mainly a modelling exercise. I’ll see if I can find the time to make the model more precise and do a bunch of money shot renderings during the holidays (even though I know, that probably will not happen, with the kids and the family and christmas “hygge”).


Nice work! Fancy doing an amber spyglass next?

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I believe your model actually is a great showcase for how to use Rhino. Use SubD where best suited and use NURBS where best suited. Some shapes are easily made in SubD that would be difficult in NURBS and other shapes are much easier made in NURBS, such as the bottom portion of the phone.:+1:


Exactly! sort of like in other professions too, where people do use multiple tools :wink:


That shop is waaaay too clean… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(looks like a demo photo really, nothing has ever been used)


Most of what’s in that picture, I’ve replaced with CNC, lol. The bandsaw and dust collector are still necessary, though. Oh and clamps.

And a mallet! A mallet ALWAYS comes in handy! :joy:

Lol, yes. I have at least four, in different sizes and hardness.

As a woodworker, and dont pretend to know this guy’s specialty but the number of Japanese saws to chisels (and no J. planes) seems way too disproportionate… And no mallet for chisels!

The dust collection tube is still virgin!