What exact steps and settings to print 9x6 inch rectangle as tiff

Hi, V5 and V8.
What are the steps to print as a tiff a 2d rectangle measuring 9.78inch x 6.64inch ?
with its dims round the outside

Such that the resulting tiff when opened into Photoshop is that size, and then printed with no scaling is also that size ?

Try as I might, I cannot get the box and its edge dims to end up as a tiff with all those items showing.

I choose window and rag the viewing box bigger to encompass the shape but get asked change scaling,
it changes from 1:1 and thats no good.

extents doesnt show the box,

One doesnt choose A4 etc as thats for printing a pdf to a set paper size.
test box.3dm (50.3 KB)



At around 24 minutes of the video linked below, @BrianJ explains how to use a Floating Viewport to render a texture at an exact size:

Displacement Textures in Rhino 7

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Hi Steve,

I played around with this a bit and was able to save the tiff as you described.
I have attached a screenshot of the print dialog box with the settings and the resulting tiff file.
The tiff is Zipped because the tiff format is not permitted as an upload.

test box TIFF.zip (51.9 KB)