Can't set print window to exact dimensions


I have got rectangle 1000x700mm. Print size set to 1000x700, 0 margins etc. when i try to set print are via window button i cant match exactly the shape of the rectangle.

why is that?

without a file, it is difficult to say what’s wrong

please try to recreate the situation. just draw rectangle 1000x700mm and try to print it to pdf so that pdf page is exactly 1000x700. there are 3 options to set print area, use “window” and see if the window area you are asked to drag fits precisely the rectangle

That’s confusing. I usually print via layouts and pretty much always with a margin. Maybe someone can explain why a rectangle of 1000 x 700 mm exported as PDF and imported again changes size to 999.99 x 700.01 mm?

Is this just a rounding error or something else?

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I cannot recreate this problem anymore, maybe @ivan.galik can provide a file

a4x50.3dm (18.4 KB)

page size set to a4 … window set exactly to a4x50 size BUT scale is not exactly 50

I wonder if this is related to pixel resolution. My guess of the moment anyway.


  1. A square polyline 100 x 100 mm printed as PDF in scale 1:1 leads to a empty PDF. Look at the filesize…

  2. When you print a 100 x 100 mm square with raster output and scale 1:1, the size of the imported surface is just 99.99 mm.

test_100x100_m_vector_output.pdf (1.3 KB)

test_100x100_m_raster_output.pdf (17.1 KB)

if it was about pixel resolution deviation would be much smaller probably. it does not make sense to me. you have rectangle polyline which is exactly A4×50 (210x50mm, 297x50mm) and you set print area to exactly the rectangle (with page size set to A4 and rhino vector pdf output type) --> fit to scale should be 1 : 50 EXACTLY, not 50,039. 0,039 is big number just to be cause by pixel rounding

problem is somewhere else. maybe its a misunderstanding.

when you draw exact rectangle in model space lets say A4 210x297 and you want to print it to pdf and choose paper size A4 and you select print region via “window set” and you snap two corners of the rectangle the scale should be exactly 100% nothing else. i find this a serious bug which can lead to deviations from accurate lengths when printed.

if its vector or raster output does not matter

@stevebaer Hello, can we please get an answer for this?

It looks suspicious that you get quite unexact numbers when in fact those should be exactly exact.

I just ran your A4 test and get 100%. Maybe I’m missing some steps

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try this exactly
-set units to mm
-draw rectangle 800x700 and scale it up by factor 50
-ctrp - p —> set vector and custom paper size to 800x700mm
-window/set catch two corners
-see the scale

i get this:

Got it thanks. I created a bug to further investigate this