Print option refuses to create box bigger than A4

I am choosing tiff,jpg etc option, entering width 841mm
height 1189mm then with window option selected, clicking set and I am presented with an A4 size box, altering box size sees it ask change scale, but I want 1:1 as already selected.

Last night I fought for half an hour trying to enter A0 and seeing it offer A1 in window set. Somehow I won, today I fail.

HELP !!!

I wish for …
I go file print, then window set and draw a ‘rectangle’ around my objects etc in Top View, it prompts me to change scale but I wish it to be 1:1 and after getting nowhere I exit.
values in width and height are dictating the box size and if I try to alter it by dragging box corner, I get asked for rescaling.

I would like it that one can draw the box and opt to have the drawn box alter the width and height values.

As it is I have to experiment with those values until the box is the size I want,

Would this be easy enough to add into the print dialog box ?

Rather than just 'Rescale yes or no, we also see 'or alter width/height to new box size ’

Also the ability to choose paper sizes in the drop down rather than have to work out the size of A0 or A1 would be useful.

setting it to 200dpi I then find in photoshop its resulting output jpg or tiff file is at 72dpi and much larger, I have to choose image size and without resampling enter 200dpi to get it to the width and height I entered into Rhino !


HI @Steve1,

  1. With images there isn’t really such as thing as 1:1.
    dpi, resolution and pixel count are all related and are all different ways of saying the same thing.
    Going from image to physical print depends on what quality of print you want,
    As reference a PC screen normally has about 72dpi (Dots per inch) or at least this is the std value even though some monitors differ from this.
    When printing 200-300dpi would be a good quality clear print with few visual ‘jaggies’ on the edges of text etc.
    So you can take Screen:Print resolution ratio at about 1:3
    So if something looks good onscreen, then for it to print and look good it would have to printed 1/3rd of the size you see it physically onscreen @100% zoom. and vice-verse.
    So best is to look at the total number of pixels, divide by your intended use (screen or print) and then you know your output size.
    eg. @ 200dpi your page of 33 inches x 46.8 inches = 6600 x 9360 pixel Image.
    Opened in Photoshop @ 72dpi it will be huge onscreen because 6600/72 = 91 inches and 9360/72=130inches
    If you opened your image in photoshop @200dpi then the screen size(If you had one that large) and the print size would be 33 x 46.8. as you intended.
    In both cases at 72dpi or 200dpi there are the same amount of pixels (6600x9360).
    You can see this by opening any image in Photoshop.
    Goto Image - Image Size
    Turn off : Resample Image
    Now change the Resolution(DPI) and see what happens to the values.
  2. A0 Image Size Setting process that works for me:
    Select your PDF printer ( Like Adobe PDF)
    Select A0 page size.
    Change to Image output
    Change to mm
    The A0 image size is now carried over from the PDF page size setting.
    Bit of a waffle but maybe this helps…Michael VS

I filed this as a bug, it appears that anything large sized (like A0) gets output tagged as 72dpi. The pixel dimensions are correct, however the tag may be confusing to some and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be output correctly.

The window sizing stuff is a bit “fiddly”, and could stand a less unwieldy UI, but you should be able to get what you want out of it with some practice and experience.


200 dpi is deemed ok for paper printing plans normally, 300 dpi entry level for photographic printing, whether from raster or work that started out as vector.

The ‘bug’ stems right back to V4, surprised its not been fixed yet, its easy enough to open into pshop then resize without sampling to 200dpi, as long as one remembers to do so, else the print dept produce you wallpaper and charge you for it !!!

This issue though with typing in 200dpi, then entering width and height in mm for A0, and selecting window then set then seeing an A4 sized shape , which refuses to drag larger without prompting for a rescale ,and as such that will mess up my dpi, its a bug with an attitude !!!

I tried again and again, no go.

then in desperation I selected some other radio buttons in the print dialog box above the window one, then went back to window, hit set, and this time saw the A0 box that should have been there.

Then all was ok, able to move it etc.

Aside from this second bug fixing, which is worst than the first, we need though the ability to drag a box out in window set mode and have it create the width and height, rather than fiddle with those values until a shape results encompassing the items to be printed.

I currently lack a pdf print driver, refusing to pay a subscription to Adobe for Acrobat just to get the driver, and haven’t sussed which independent one is bug free, unlikely to screw up PC etc, having had PC dig a hole crawl into it and die on me thanks to expensive Corsair memory going sick, costing me 1/3 again cost of PC in engineering time., then having to rebuild P from backup made a few months ago early in its build.

I seem to recall Adobe pdf ok on smaller sizes but not having A0 in its list, unless it creates A0 from the choice made in Rhino.