Object in rhino 429 x 626 export as ai opens as 429x444 in pshop

I have a portrait shaped jpg picture framed into rhino. in photoshop it is 12.635 dpi , having enlarged the image up to full size for the aircraft I am drawing full size.
width 429.6 inch x height 629.59

I run picture frame and place it into rhino entering 429.6 for width and get a correct looking image that measures those two dims it was in pshop.

I draw something on it, then draw a boundary box following the image edge and add two squares top left and bott right hugging the corners, fill with hatch solid., these will help locate the drawing back into my photoshop image, easier to see than the edge box.
select the two squares and its boundary line and the two objects drawn, export as adobe illustrator. cmyk.
I choose preserve model scale 1inch = 1inch. (it had by default 1inch = 1mm)

open into pshop, typing 12.635 for resolution and it opens but its almost square shaped, its 429.6 wide x 444.48 tall.

tried three times.

why is the shape of the object being distorted, the two square boxes in the corners are also no longer square.


when you type the dimension in Photoshop, is the aspect ratio locked? i.e.- type the X dimension and the Y dimension updates accordingly?

otherwise, it’s possible to change only one of the dimensions in effect, stretching the image (which, upon first read, it sounds like what’s happening)

(edit) nvrmind. you’re typing a resolution value… not pixel dim

Hi, constrain proportions is ticked, so typing a different value than 429 sees the height also change.

I simply type 12.635 for the resolution and it gives me the width, but not the height, rhino somehow has de-proportioned the export.


Hi Steve - I would open these in Illustrator or round trip back to Rhino before deciding that Photoshop has no part in this.


I was hoping to use Rhino as Macromedia Freehand and fast track work into photoshop.

maybe the pdf way will work, looking into which one is best,

I dont have illustrator though and dont intend to pay per month for something I will never use to the amount to justify such pay and not own policy of Adobe .

I try my Freehand which opens .ai and see nothing in the export, dead end there.

What do you mean by round trip to rhino ?

Puzzled that a simple ai export gets de-proportioned.

Just wish it had eps.


does it have atransparent background? Did you try another image format? BMP, TIFF?