What do you expect to see in V7 before it’s ship-ready?

Please sir may I have BOM, please

A BOM feature pleaseeeeeee



Just make rhino faster.

I have no idea why so much effort is spent on rendering and sub-d modeling, etc. rhino is never going to catch up to the competition there

All great! Especially FBX export from Bongo and subdivision surfaces. Please add a transformation export so you could choose a rendering origin close to the model. this would eliminate rendering errors associated with huge real world co-ordinates and eliminate the need to move models.

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10-year-old bugs


A better rayshooter would be greatly appreciated. One that works with trimmed surfaces. Maybe it could even return extra information, such as distance to intersection. And make it super fast with large numbers of rays, please.

  • Native Dark Mode support in Windows 10.
  • Robustness of what little history there is in Rhino (another example here).
  • Proper object hierarchy panel so working with what Rhino weirdly calls “Blocks” is actually feasible (since 100% of all CAD software with assembly support works well with this, including Alias, but in Rhino it’s a nightmare).
  • Edit support added from the FilletEdge command to the FilletSrf command (and ideally same with Blends… additionally tension from BlendCrv would be nice to get in BlendSrf… basically, parity between all blend and fillet commands).

Ok, I’ll stop now, because from what I read in this forum, I honestly don’t expect to see anything of what I wrote in V7 (or even V8 for that matter). Maybe if they double the price of the software? :slight_smile:

Oh, I have to say, the Subd is amazing, and a guarantee upgrade from our side. I’m sitting here modeling in Blender, importing to Rhino, and then exporting to Solidworks for CNC machining… it’s insane how easy it is and we recouped the cost of 2 floating Rhino licenses in the matter of days.

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@cardib Who is the competition?


:thinking: That is kind of a question to you Bob. Who do you consider a competition?
On a technical point of view it’s the functionalities of the software. Not the software as a whole.

  • Bongo - CATIA, Blender, and plenty of game engines that do better.
  • Rhino surface modeller, CATIA pretty close race, my recent observation Rhino got the lead since Rhino6, before that CATIAv5 was in the lead. DS screwed up big time with CATIAv6.
  • Rendering… RhinoRender is very bad. Raytraced is an infant. Flamingo (I have never tested it), still BlenderCycles, Vray, etc. are superior to Rhino.
  • GH - that is no doubt the best, but hopefully GH2 will come up with some improvements because xGen of DS is picking up speed.
  • Rhino solid modeling - non existent. Crashed by Inventor, Solidworks, Catia, even FreeCAD.
  • Rhino Block management - terrible. crashed by Autodesk functionalities.
  • Rhino Drawing capabilities - terrible, we can see improvements but they are slow.
  • SubD is something that will pull Rhino up but… When is it coming?

to name a few.

I do consider python integration the best thing that happened to Rhino in the past decade (or more).
Rhino.inside, Rhino3dm, RhinoCompute are things I am still trying to figure out a way to use. I like the idea, though so far no use case.

Price and Public API is the best feature for me. As I don’t use Rhino much in my work. Mainly for me learning programming and solving 3d modelling puzzles.

@ivelin.peychev It sounds like you need CATIA.

We are a tiny company with less than 100 people. You are really expecting us to compete at the same level as a company with more than 16,000???

Cycles is coming in Rhino 7. Give it a try. There is still work to do but we share the core code. It mostly a matter of getting all of UI working.

Who promised you solids modeling? There are plenty of solids modeler out there at every price point. Does the world really need another?

BTW, you forgot BIM.

Yes. Yes. We have a bunch of things to work on. Currently, the list is just under 10,000 issue that we are tracking. BTW, most of them won’t get fixed in Rhino 7.


:slight_smile: I do work with catia and argue with DS tech support and R&D all the time.

I also very well know McNeel is a small company, and defended you with that same argument. Especially when people whine about small commands missing (but API exists). I promote implementing these functionalities with scripts.

You simply triggered me with your question. As I said, it is a question for you not us.
We can only comment on the technical stuff, which is what I did.
What do YOU want Rhino to be? Then we can target our complains better to improve that part of Rhino with our combined knowledge of all the disciplines we come from.

I was just trying to figure out how Rhino was a CATIA competitor.

For products like that, we feel like we are doing well if we just have one minor thing that we can do for CATIA users to enhance their day from time to time… and make them delight to pay us.

We don’t expect to replace any of those products. There might be others but I’m not sure who they are. That was why I was asking.

My honest opinion as a naval architect working with CATIAv6 (3DExperience).
You can replace them. It’s a matter of industry research and hiring 10-20 more programmers and QA specialists. :wink:

DS are targeting huge clients, the small and mid size companies are there to be taken over by Rhino7 (8?).

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Adding to the list: for DupBorder, DupFaceBorder and CurveBoolean: an option within the command that does the same thing as SimplifyCurve. And make the option sticky so whether I choose yes or no, it becomes the current default.

After reading this thread I was considering buying a a few seats of Catia. We talked it over at a Fresco and we decided that instead we are going to use that money to buy a commercial property for the business, because we don’t like the subscription model ‘on hardware’.

We are not there to buy an entire building but if we save for as many Catia licenses as we would need for our users, we can then definitely NOT buy Catia and buy a building for sure.

So we are stuck in Rhino for another decade at least, and I think it might make us enough profit to then revisit after those 10 years if we can afford to buy Catia then, or if then we instead buy another building. After all, we have offices in two locations so going ‘hardware subscription free’ in both would be nice.

So… I need more Rhino license now, because those Catia licenses (or buildings) need to be paid from somewhere.


Should I buy 2 more Rhino/Bongo seats now? Or should I wait until September/October when Rhino 7 and Bonge 3 are out?




:rofl::rofl::rofl: :+1:

Which September/October? :slight_smile:


That seems to be the story for the last half a decade or more, if I understand things correctly. Serious question, what is preventing your from doubling your price in order to attempt to get through that list a bit faster? From what I can tell, even with double the Rhino price, you’re still far, far cheaper than your closest competitors (and @ivelin.peychev forgot to mention Alias, btw, which is way closer in functionality to Rhino than the monster that is Catia, and we use both at work).

I mentioned in another thread that we managed to recoup the cost of 2 Rhino licenses in the matter of days, and that’s honestly almost a bit silly.


Keep in mind that twice as many is not twice as fast. Just as with a CPU, it is only a few select procesesses that are scalable with the amount of cores you have. Like “simple” tasks as calculating pixels in an image when rendering :wink:

Try to tell that to the Blender Foundation. :wink:

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