V7 Release

When will Rhino 7 come out?
A bit more than “soon” would be a nice answer…

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Hi Charles -

We don’t really have a better answer to give you.
How ready is Rhino 7 for you?

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You say there is really no schedule?
No beginning of beta or so?

Is Rhino 7 ready now?

There will be a beta soon.


Superior trolling! :grin:


Beta is already there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just liked the answer “soon”. :man_shrugging:
BTW, I guess this is the closed beta, am I right?

Every owner of Rhino 6 has access to Rhino WiP (aka v7)


I know.
Mine says “WIP” though.
Screenshot 2020-09-30 172147

check for updates- the beta came out late last week.

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soon-ish? :wink:

As far as I’m concerned it’s already out. XNurbs already has a version of their software that works with V7 and I’m doing most of my modeling in V7 on a daily basis. It’s a little weird to have the WIP being my go-to, but there you have it


I’d say it certainly isn’t done, but I’d also say that I really like the production model where you let us use the WIP while it’s being developed. It both feeds us new features and lets us learn them all incrementally.

Please keep doing this when it comes time to develop Rhino 8.


What do you think is not done yet? These are the issues we need to address before we release.

Numeric input/slider on BlendCrv. I’m sure other people have other wishes, but that would be a great addition for my workflow.


on the list!

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It’s all nitpicky little stuff that I’ve probably mentioned before and about half or more of which ended up in JetBrains on a list to get done or explored.

on my mind today:
Offset SubD should have a segments and straightness options dialogue like Bridge does.

Inset should have global vs local options so you can inset only the outer boundary of contiguous faces.

There are a few more situations where users should be able to control colors in the appearance options pane: off the top of my head, I recall some previews that default to black that I can’t see how to change, and that makes things rough with my black background

I think the the _to plane option in _align to be done with a three point plane instead of a viewport dependent plane.

…Everybody has a wish list. Not everything on mine or anyone else’s will get included. The most recent versions of the WIP feel complete and coherent. Mostly it seems pretty close to ready, and what won’t make it in will hopefully start being added to a v8 WIP. The SubD toolset is incomplete compared to competitors with a heavy SubD focus, but it’s complete enough that most of what’s missing create issues of efficiency rather than issues of not being able to draw something at all.


Thumbs up on the global vs local options on inset.

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The goal for v7 Subd was to have a solid, stable foundation of tools that allow users to start building SubD parts. The parts should be clean and easily converted to Nurbs to be used in production.

Now that SubD is a 1st class citizen of the Rhino toolset, each subsequent service release and major number update will have continued refinements and additional tools added as they become available and stable. In short, If you like it now, you will love it as it develops and matures!

SubD is here to stay, and no one is taking it away this time!