WIP status

I was just curious. Does the WIP version that we download have all the enhancements that will be available in the final release? It seems to be in development for along time (and I undrstand the user involvement process can add to the timeline) and was wondering if the version we use has specific items that need beta testing or do we get the most complete version available?
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Hi Scott - the WIP in fact has a few test features that will not be in the V6 release. (SubD for example) but at this point, other than those, it’s all there , there is nothing new to come for release, barring unforeseen crises.
Test everything and anything that falls into your workflow… =)


Good to know. I was hoping that that the WIP would be a “what you see is what is you get” in terms of V6.
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As Pascal mentioned, there are some incomplete tools (like SubD) that will not be in the final release of V6. However, when it is released, the SubD tool will be in the WIP that will produce V7.

Also Cycles for Rhino (production or modal renderer) won’t be in, but Raytraced will be (same render engine). And similar to SubD CfR will continue to be in the WIP.

I am really anxious to see the subD tools in V7. Nurbs and organic modeling are such a great fit, it seems a shame to have to use a 3rd party plugin for subD. I think McNeel could make a very robust set of tools that by default would integrate with Rhino.

What is CfR?

I believe it’s Cycles for Rhino.

OK. Thanks. Do you thonk this will be on a par with VRay, Thea, et al.?

When you say Raytraced will be in, how does that work?
Is it just the viewport?
Not exactly sure what kind of UI we’ll be getting in the V6…

Yes, Raytraced is the viewport integration of the Cycles engine. The UI is as currently stands: settings under Tools > Options | Cycles and the HUD. Obviously the rest of Rhino for modelling and the basic materials. That all will be in v6. Wrt Cycles the only thing not going in is the separate Render Window (Cycles for Rhino, aka CfR). Does that make it clear?

Sounds like basically what’s tested mow is basically coming…
The rendered output window which we have
now is now what you mean by CfR right?
I mean there will be another UI that we haven’t tested?


Another UI for what? Production rendering?

Got it now.
I was thinking there would be some new UI made for the production as the current one was
same as Rhino Render.

Is it still possible to save a rendering wiith Raytrace to like png file? with larger than viewport pixel size?

Sure ViewCaptureToClipboard and ViewCaptureToFile should both work. The commands pop up a dialog, and in that dialog you can also specify the amount of samples that should be used.

There is a small bug for when same resolution is used as viewport in that no rerender is happening in case you specify more samples.

That’s enough for V6, though if there is a simple preview with Pause/Continue/Save/Cancel seems good to have.
Focal blur I use sometimes, but can live without. not sure about other users tho…
Wish list fot V6 I guess… a simple preview for the viewcapturetofile/viewcapturetoclipboard.

There is a cancel button on the capture progress dialog. Only a 10 sample preview of the scene in the main dialog, though.

Focal blur can be set in view properties, which sets directly to the camera:

The Cycles for Rhino (Raytraced in separate render window) will be in 7.

Great. As long as there are ways to make them.

I’d probably use the WIP when it comes out =)
does wip for V7 release at same time as officalV6? I wasn’t such a user till serengeti so don’t know how WIP process works.

I think that is the idea yes.

cool. no problem whatsoever then:)