My first impression of v6

Hey guys, I was invited a long time ago but never found time to contribute my thoughts, so repeatedly I will use this post to note some of my ideas:

  1. why is nobody working on much smoother icons since decades?

  2. renderer of one simple glass sphere takes ages

  3. is there a way to simply transfer/copy all settings (aliases, shortcuts, plugins, scripts) from v5 to v6 - a how to guide in one post pinned to the top for newbies would decrease entry barriers tremendously and would effect more people join and collaborate on v6 especially designers

  4. The “New in v6” tab was my first look, it is rather empty and not very stunning - imagining how Luxology Modo is gaining speed and has an interesting way of implementing and teaching new features in the last version is very impressive. Maybe someone from McNeel is looking over. Just because:
    I think an application grows, the more the people who use it become empowered (focus education/in-depth advanced tutorials) - then they would do incredible stuff (look at the structure of modo’s forum and sections, where people show /explain their progress - incl their galleries) - this incredible stuff would works wonders in convincing people to join Rhino and empowering the brand…

  5. thought there would be much more done of the Sub-D and polygon section - for my work this would be esp useful - all polygon tools of Rhino have always been very rural and not contemporary. Would love, if something like TSplines would be implemented into Rhino by default

What renderer are you using? If you choose Raytraced you’ll find that the best speed up you get with a GPU (currently CUDA GPUs (NVidia) are automatically detected and selected, OpenCL GPUs (at least AMD) need to be explicitly selected).

Thanks @nathanletwory for this clarification. Will sneak my way into it now! :slight_smile: