Rhino 7 goals and objectives?

Since the WIP for V7 is now available, I’m curious as to what the goals and objectives are for V7. The one that everyone is familiar with is sub-D modeling. We all know that, but what else is being planned?

Is there a wish list?



As of now, there are 7,405 wishes/bugs that we are tracking and prioritizing in the next few weeks.

We will post more details as they get better organized.

Our focus at the moment is Rhino 6 for Windows bugs, Rhino 6 for Mac, and Sub-D, etc. for Rhino 7… in that order.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for this information. I think I will wait to get involved with the WIP until the dust settles on the new release.



FYI, If you find that you are missing something from the Rhino 6 WIP, it is in the Rhino 7 WIP.

That would be Mesh2, I supose.
But on the other hand, all the bug fixes in RH6 SR1 and SR2 aren’t available in RH7 WIP yet. Will you be rolling out dailies and / or regular WIP releases in between the RH6 SR updates?

Our goal is to roll out a V6.x service release candidate (x being whatever the "next service release is) along with a V7 WIP every week. We also hope to ship a true service release about every month. Of course we’ll probably miss a week every once in a while due to bugs that we discover and need to fix before sending out to users. All fixes in 6.x should also be in the V7 WIP.

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