Object hierarchy panel?

I’m importing STEP files into Rhino, which have an inherited object hierarchy from its original Solidworks assembly.

I know Rhino preserves this, because after editing, and then exporting, the very same hierarchy is recreated upon re-import into Solidworks.

But where can I see this in Rhino? (It would be nice to be able to select a whole sub-assy in Rhino, as well as see their names.)

check out the blocks to layers script posted by Pascal

or Simpler way to extract block entities!?

Thanks, but I would absolutely not want to explode all “blocks” to individual layers, because that would mean ruining the object hierarchy, and also, 100s of flat layers would be impossible to manage.

I specifically want to select a sub-assy. I can see it in the BlockEdit that the thread you posted told me about, and I can select the sub-assy in that dialog, and see it highlighted in the viewport. But I can’t seem to retain the selection in order to move it or place it in a separate layer.

Why isn’t BlockEdit a panel like the Layers panel?

EDIT: When selecting a sub-assy with the Block Editor open, I then selected it again in the viewport and hid it. I then pressed OK and was greeted with these two popups:


So, it seems that Rhino understand hierarchies, but that’s as far as it goes. You can’t work with them, because the user experience just isn’t there for it. That’s fine, for the price tag of Rhino. Crossing my fingers to see this improved in V7.

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I support this request.

Currently I am forced to explode the blocks and create a multi-level llayer structure. It really is a pain, I had to use numerous scripts to work properly.

Such hierarchy panel will be handy, but also a way to manipulate (edit) objects inside sub-blocks.