Viewport settings change

When I do a FilletEdge my viewport setting changes from Shaded to Wireframe.

Viewport change.mp4 (3.4 MB)

My guess is the result is bad and cannot be meshed, possibly? What does SelBadObjects or Check tell you?


The result is good. SeBadObjects does not light up anything. Check tells me “Rhino polysurface object is valid.”

In the Object Properties panel they both say “Valid polysurface. Closed solid polysurface with 11/8 surfaces”

i always thought it was related to this:

(happens with multiple splits,trims,booleans,fillets, etc.)

if you do the fillets one at a time, your viewport will probably stay in shaded… the more you try to do at once, the more likely it will switch to wireframe…

–in the following video i FilletEdge each object individually… all is fine… then i undo back to the original state and run FilletEdge again except select all the edges in one go… it then switches to wireframe.

@jeff_hammond I’m getting this with your inline videos:

switched back to youtube

Thank you Jeff,

I will remember that next time I want to fillet multiple objects.

In your video at 0:26 you have what seem to be several custom display modes below Pen, i.e. Ghosted copy, Pen copy, blues2, etc. I know that one can make custom displays in Preferences > Display Modes.

I have not yet figured out what the need for one or more custom display modes for me might be. Would you please tell me what the purpose of your particular custom display modes is.

most of my custom modes are for 2D exports… just different backgrounds/pixel dimensions of curves/etc.

the mode i mainly use for drawing is a custom mode based on the default shading settings… changes i’ve made are:

• gradient background
• 4% transparency (for a very subtle ghosting of surfaces)
• isocurves are off
• surface edges are always black regardless of object color
• no grid
• point size 3
• curve width 2

it’s just all beautifying/visual stuff with the only thing that may be helpful to me as far as actual modeling goes is the slight surface ghosting. (and maybe the elimination of much of the noise from the grid and isocurves… if i need those, i can get them quick… otherwise i like to keep it cleaner looking)