Workflow questions

I have a couple of questions regarding regarding a couple of things I wonder could be done faster than what I have been doing.

  1. I mostly work in Shaded and Ghosted modes. When I used the Split command on multiple objects at once, all the viewports always change to Wireframe mode. (I wonder if this is a bug). Is there a command to change the display mode back to Shaded or Ghosted (or any other display mode) in all the viewport simultaneously like you can do with the Zoom extends and Zoom selected commands?

  2. When I am working on a model it obviously consists of many parts. Often I want to make a change to a previously created object without making changes to the later stages of the model. Often “Revert To”, does not do the trick and the only way I can get to editing that previously created object is by doing multiple Command-Z (Undo) steps, thereby removing the later created objects.
    My question is; is there a way to be able to edit previously created objects, without using “Revert To”, and without having to use Undo. I hope I explained this adequately. I wonder if the Windows version has a plugin for this or if this can be done within Rhino without a plugin.

That sounds like either a bug or a hardware problem.

One way of doing this is to cut the good objects (as in the standard cut and paste stuff). Then undo all the steps until you undo what you wanted. Then paste the objects that you have on the clipboard.

This is a known bug - apparently not fixed just yet:


Periodically SaveAs with an incremented name; for example Project001, Project002, etc. When you want a previous version of an object start a second Rhino session and open the project file with the desired version of the object. Select and copy the desired object, then paste into the session with the current version.

Incremented copies are also great to have when you discover a fundamental mistake was made sometime earlier. Go back through the incremented copies until you find a good version.

This works nearly exactly the same way with OS X’s “Versions” feature (File > Revert To > Browse All Versions…). In fact, when the Version browser is presented, you actually have two active sessions of Rhino and you can copy/paste objects from older versions of the same file into the current version.

fwiw, i put in a feature request to apple a year or two ago asking for a way to add notes or some sort of tagging system to versions… i think it would make versions a more solid workflow tool… with large® projects / 50 versions, it can become more trouble than it’s worth.

i don’t know how to best implement it without adding more confusion but just hoping apple agrees then applefies it :wink:

What about my first question? Changing the display mode in all four viewports simultaneously.

Is there a command similar to “Zoom extents all viewports”, and “Zoom selected all viewports” for changing the display mode in all viewports.

If there is not such a command, I request that it be added.

Please do not make this a priority, it is not that important, and it would be nice.

However, please make “Decal” a priority command to be added. :wink:

I have been searching online a bit more and found these two videos about Grasshopper.

Is this to some extend what I am asking about regarding editing previous created objects without changing later objects? It seems like it.

At least 2 ways on Mac Rhino:

Macro (run this from an alias for example): -SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_All _Mode=_Shaded
(or whatever display mode you want)


If you have the tabs along the top (“ribbon bar”), in the Display tab, the right mouse click on all display mode buttons acts on all viewports. It simply has the macro above on the button.