"Render meshing failed or was cancelled"

the video shows another variation of the following topics:


(and others)

in the video:

• subobject select (shift-cmmd) the top portion of the model… the selection includes some complete objects as well as some sub-faces/curves of objects… it’s the sub-object selected parts which cause the problem in which the object is being modified as opposed to simply moved… i can move or drag complete objects with no problems.

• press&hold cmmd (for vertical) then drag the selection upwards. (we see each piece being modified individually then the switch to wireframe

• switch back to desired shaded viewport

• repeat the above

• stay in wireframe and repeat… even in wireframe, we still each object being dealt with individually.

i don’t think the problem is majormajor since the actual functionality i need does work properly… that said, this is a weird one because it’s often the type of thing i’ll do while someone else it watching… it happened twice this past week with two different people… i’m discussing a potential design with someone and i’ll need to stretch/squeeze parts of it then the viewport changes and i have to switch back… it’s not as if the other person is going “geez… what’s wrong with that software” or anything like that :wink: …still, it would probably be better if it didn’t happen.


Yes, this is a really annoying bug…



Agreed. Added more fodder for MR-1128 and bumping it up in priority on the list.


Any news about getting this bug fixed?


My most recent bump failed to bump. Bumped again. Sorry, no news on this fix. I’ve added it to the 5.1 release target.

Ok, thanks Dan!