Viewcapturetofile in Raytraced Crashes Rhino

Viewcapturetofile in Raytraced Crashes Rhino

Works just fine here.


How do you determine it crashes Rhino? You get the crash report dialog? Or do you see the spinning wheel?

If the spinning wheel that is expected - Raytraced is doing its thing and you’ll just have to wait until render is written do disk.

hi Nathan, it crashed, sent crash report

Can you share the 3dm file that crashed for you at ? I’ll get notified when the upload is finished.

just ran it again, same result, crash, I can’t follow your link above, get a pop up window, ‘this connection is not private’ ??


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@milezee the does not cause any crashes on my machine.

At what resolution are you trying to do the capture? What are the settings you use?

Hi Nathan, tried again, same result, crash, screenshot attached of settings, also had this pop up immediately after crash (see screenshot)

@milezee I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with your settings and resolutions. I assume you don’t have any changes to your Raytraced view mode?

@dan, do you know why @milezee sees the lldb dialog? Sounds odd a user would see that…

I’ve been using snapshots of different views with different materials added if that helps narrow it down

Does that mean that you are able to do several ViewCaptureToFiles before you hit one that crashes?

no, I look at them in standard Render mode to get an idea of what they look like then was wanting to switch to Raytraced for final output :+1:

I’ll just have to try harder to get this to crash then :slight_smile:

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I’m not 100% certain about this, but I believe it is due to the confusing “two crash dialogs” problem. Apple presents a dialog and Rhino presents a dialog. If memory serves, on the Apple dialog, one of the buttons on that dialog will present something like this if it is clicked. My memory is fuzzy on this one and it is difficult to verify because I have all the tools installed (Xcode, LLVM, lldb, the whole toolchain). I might be wrong about all of this, but I suspect that is what is going on.

hi @dan and @nathanletwory i reliably get this to crash on my mabook pro the following-> setting a viewport with a cube ( or any object) to raytraced, then doing a ViewCaptureToFile to save it. sometimes it lets me press on the save button, then i go to Finder and back, Rhino crashes. after that, the same process crashes Rhino even earlier in the same file, before i even get to press save. any luck?

edit: rhino crashes disappears from the open apps and does not even show up in the force quit dialogue, but still heats up my computer, going to activity i found it still bothering the computer 100% so i had to force quit it in the activity monitor.

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yeh just crashed on my Mac again when using ViewCaptureToFile in Raytraced display mode, crash report sent

Please try capture with the non-dialog version: -_ViewCaptureToFile

nope, it actually started the command, but then crashed Rhino after about 20 seconds

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@milezee can you please post the text results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo just to ensure I’ve got an as complete picture as possible? Thanks!

@milezee, @encephalon I have been testing for a while with 6SR18, but I can’t get it to crash, at least not with -_ViewCaptureToFile. FWIW I have not yet “downgraded” to Catalina, and I don’t intend to for the foreseeable future (I need to be able to use the machine).

Settings I have in effect before capturing:

  • CPU rendering, since I have no great GPU in the MBP
  • Samples set to 5

Steps I took to capture

  • start empty doc
  • use 4view
  • add _TruncatedCone (also tested with _Box, _Sphere and _Torus)
  • add a material for kicks
  • switch Perspective view to Raytraced
  • -_ViewCaptureToFile. Since I am lazy and impatient I used only 15 samples. I saved as PNG to the Downloads folder.

No crashes and results all end up in the right folder.