Raytraced / Cycles crash on Mac

Raytrace in Rhino 6 for Mac is not working on my machine. Crashes immediately and persistently on implementing.

Hey, maybe you could post the text result from the Rhino command _SystemInfo ?

Thanks Nathan, have sent crash report to McNeel

Hi @tgra,

I saw your crash report. Would it be possible for you to upgrade MacOS to Mojave 10.14.6 (if you don’t want to jump to Catalina 10.15.2 yet)?

Thanks, Will do!

Catalina 10.15.2 did the trick. Thanks Nathan.

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@tgra thank you very much for testing and providing feedback!

Hi there,
I also have (recently) the problem that Rhino crashes as soon as I use raytracing.
But because of other software there are reasons why I can’t do a system update (now: 10.13.6).
Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!

I was in the same camp. Non stop crashes in Mac 7 WIP. 6 would still crash, but nothing like 7.

Did a mess of research and took the plunge and upgraded to Mojave. Had to get a new video card for my aging but still very serviceable Mid 2010 cMP, which had previously been upgraded to dual 3.46 hex core Xeons and had a pair of GTX-970’s installed.

Got a Radeon RX 580 8GB, did the firmware updates, did the Mojave install (very scary when screen went black for a couple hours). Eventually that succeeded and found that WIP 7 crashes pretty much vanished.

Meanwhile, because I have a huge library of Raw files in Aperture (100K+ photos dating back to 2006 through recent) and Aperture completely goes away in Catalina, I’ve started updating the yearly libraries previews so as to not lose the non destructive edits when I migrate to lightroom, which I’m now up through 2012. Any given year is taking 24-36 hours to update for import elsewhere. Figure I’ve got another week or so of the updates running 24/7 just to solve that issue.

I did lose a bunch of older utility apps that won’t run in Mojave. The other big loss is no more Cuda, which means my blender render time for animations of stuff I export from Rhino just went through the roof. I have another 2010 tower still on High Sierra with a couple 970’s in it that will now become a render only machine, and I may update yet another tower and drop the spare GTX-970’s in that and just use my main machine for Rhino and Blender project set up and fire up the other two towers when I need to render out anims.

But it does beat crashing every time I turn around in Rhino.