Va Projects Crash on open in current Rhino SR

They will open in Rhino-safemode, but if plug-in loading is approved they crash. If plug-ins aren’t approved, the project opens in but it is incomplete. If a Va command is entered, plug-in loading is requested. If it’s approved, the project crashes. If it isn’t approved, the Va command has no effect from that point on in any Rhion-safemode session.

Troubleshooting began here:

It has since continued by email with Vanessa Steeg. I am hoping that she and I will identify whether the incompatibility is with the Windows update on July 10th or the Rhino update at about the same time. I hope then to roll back to the necessary state to continue work, without having to reinstall Rhino and VisualArq which would require ensuring all assets and Options and templates and Styles are successfully transferred between versions. (Ed : Turns out the incompatibility is likely with SR7 as released. And I have to uninstall everything and then reinstall.)

@djhg I’m running VisualARQ with Rhino 6.7.18190.21071 and I can’t reproduce this crash.
But I’m using an internal VisualARQ 2.2.2 version that is not yet public. Can you install it and see if the crash persists?
If it doesn, please send the .dmp file to and we will analyze it.

Luckily until this came in, Francesc, I was too discouraged to a complete Reinstall of Rhino. And good thing, because it worked. Well done in a day. However, if I were working on a project with deadlines and fast turn around when that happened so all was dead for a day, I could well be fired.

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