Attempting to open Layouts Crashes Rhino with Va activated

I have emailed a link to the project. It has just a few walls and doors, but several sections active in layout detail windows. At some point while adding and editing non-Va objects, Layouts became inaccessible - any attempt to open them crashes the project. I can open them if I deactivate Va.

Hi @djhg,

I’ve tried to reproduce the error on my computer using VisualARQ 2.10.2, but it doesn’t crash, it just hangs in the “Create meshes…” step, for several minutes, until I closed Rhino. Is this what you are seeing?

I’ve tried opening the same file on VisualARQ 2.11 (not yet released), and the layout opened in less than 5 seconds, so I guess we’ve fixed this bug.

Do you want me to send you the latest build of VisualARQ 2.11?



Yes please. Thankyou. (That’s the behaviour all right.)

I’ve just send you a PM with the installers.


So far so good. It seemed to clear up the problem. Thankyou.