Urgent: Rhino Crashes attempting to open projects since yesterday's update

( to 6.7.18190.21071, 07/09/2018, that is)
And 6SR6 crashes if I print with AO, which I need.
Only 6 SRcandidate7 prints with AO and (I hope) will open my projects again.
Can I simply run rhino_en-us_6.7.18183.14071.exe from my downloads to roll back?

I think best is to uninstall Rhino first.

Did the crash reporter dialog pop up? Have you sent in any of them with a comment and/or name?

If not but you did get a dialog, please let Rhino crash again and send in a report ( or many if you feel the crash happens in different ways) before you roll back.

If you didn’t get a dialog please look on your desktop for files with RhinoCrashDump (and similar) in their names. Zip them up in one file and please upload at rhino3d.com/upload with nathan@mcneel.com as recipient - I’ll get an automated notification when the upload has completed. I’ll make sure this gets looked at asap.

Thanks in advance, and I am sorry you got a crashy update.


Yes, thanks. I sent one late yesterday and another late today. If you didn’t get them pls let me know. It may be Va specific, btw.

Did you supply your username? Nvm, I found the reports.

@djhg you get the crash during startup of Rhino?

Only if opening a .3dm file created after the update.

Are you opening the file from the splash?

Also, could you share such a file that causes the crash?

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Either from file explorer or splash. I think I need your specific email address to share the file from Dropbox., I don’t think the general address works (the Asuni one doesn’t.)

BTW my installation of windows 10 updated itself around the same time.

You can upload at rhino3d.com/upload paste the link to this discussion in the comments field. That way all of our support (and by extension the necessary devs) will see it, and your file stays confident.

Can you paste a screencap of the About section where the Windows version info is available? Most specifically the OS build version.

Here’s About. UPloading immediately.
(deleted image)

I will upload 2 files which crash on open, and two that don’t.

Starting again. I think my autofill put my email address into the first couple of uplolads as recipient.

4 files should be uploaded now. Crashes or OpensOK is in the names.

My guess would be the latest OS update, but we need more tests by others with this update to verify.

That’s possible.
I had three test bed system running Win 10 1803. Two continue to work fine. One was freezing during a Windows update.
I reverted it back to 1709 until such time as Microsoft makes 1803 less fragile.

In Windows’ update settings> Advanced, change from the "Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), to Semi-Annual Channel. Then you’ll not get the dodgy 1803 update.

HOw do I unupdate?

WIndows, that is.

@John_Brock please note that win 10, 1803 has already many updates. You need to look at the os build version, as I explained with my screenshot.

1803 vs 1709 is a red herring - the wrong version numbers to look at.

It will be probably the most recent kb update that you and I don’t have yet


That VM was two-blocked as a result so I just restored an earlier build. Everything else was working fine like my other two non-VM Windows boxes. I’m using one 1803 now without issues.

I figured out how to uninstall the 1803 update, but it didn’t help. Must be a Rhino thing.

Looks like I’m reinstalling and going back to 6 SR6. I know there’s a post or email somewhere w instructions on retaining all things I’ve customized, so I’m looking for that.

I understand there’s an SR8. Vanessa might send me a link. Please let me know what you advise about that. If I can avoid reinstalling both Rhino and Va and ensuring all assets and templates and preferences transfer over, I’d far prefer it.