Last Service Release Candidate Crashes with V-Ray loaded


yesterday i installed the last SRC and since that moment crashes almost all times I try to open Rhino

anyone else with that kind of issues?


Hello - do you have any non-default plug-ins loading, like a renderer etc. on satartup?


Thanks for answering so fast Pascal

just V-Ray 3.6 and Section Tools

I guess the thing tro try is to load up Rhino in Safe Mode (in the Rhino 6 program group in the Start menu) , block those two plug-ins in Options > Plug-ins and then close and start normally - I’d guess it will start OK, and we can then start pointing fingers…


Done… and as you told it starts OK…

Hello - OK - so the next test would be to enable one of the plug-ins, close and reopen Rhino and see if you can tell which one is to blame. If you are seeing the crash report system when it blows up, please send these in - it can help us, or the plug-in developer, track down the problem.


It’s V-Ray…

I’ve unblocked it and at a first moment it goes OK but only if the default renderer remains Rhino Render. If I change it to V-Ray it begins crashing…

I don’t get a crash report, just windows tells that the program stopped working…

OK - thanks - I’ll see if we can get someone from VRay to have a look at this.
@Peter.Chaushev - FYI …


Thanks Pascal!

one more thing: sometimes rhino doesn’t crash (with vray enabled) i’ve again display mapping textures problems, i cannot see correctly the diffuse maps on my viewport, it doesn’t update

Hello, @nachetz,
As you mentioned, the issue is not 100% reproducible. Does it occur only with specific projects?

Could you please write down the full version numbers of Rhino and V-Ray for Rhino you are using?
Compare your V-Ray version to the latest installer ( and make sure to update if you have been using an older build.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

Hello Peter!

this issue is not linked to a project: it happens directly when i click on Rhino6 icon, i’m not trying to open an sprecific 3dm project.

I had no problems until the last Service release candidate.

I’m using:

Rhinoceros Version 6 SR6
(6.6.18149.19261, 29/05/2018)

V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6 3.60.02

Build: 02 Hash: 79861b1 Date: Mar 28 2018
V-Ray NeUI Version: 1.1.4 Build: 1759 Hash: 3b2857b Date: Mar 28 2018
V-Ray Core Version: 3.60.04
V-Ray AppSDK Version: 1.24.01


Hello again, @nachetz,
Double-checked the crash you are experiencing - it is unavoidable with the official V-Ray version 3.60.02.
Keep in mind, V-Ray is guaranteed to run only on official Rhino service release builds.
This won’t be an issue with the upcoming v3.60.03 even if no official Rhino 6 SR6 is out by the time we release.
For now, my advice is to roll back to one of the Rhino SRs.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

Thanks @Peter.Chaushev !

i know, i’ll roll back to last official SR

Thank you and all Chaosgrup!