V6 Goal: Display Performance



Is the issue of the alternating lines of intersected edges on the to-do-list?

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No, I thought I had fixed that issue several weeks ago. I’ll need a sample to try and repeat it.


Simple test: create a plane surface, split it and assign different colors.

An other issue that could be optimized - the default shading shows a strange environment “reflection”. Maybe it help to use spherical env maps without visible poles.

Good luck,


Just installed the latest wip and the display is still slow en lagging. Any idea what is could be? I uploaded one of my models a while ago.

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Also experiencing sluggish display performance in V6 WIP

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Can you post your system information? Go to the help menu and click on system information.

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Hi Steve,

On a Quadro 4000 I’m noticing a definite improvement in speed. So much so that files I make in v6 are no almost unusable in 5!

I still however get to the point where working with the massive files in Layout space is gruelling and I’m needing to turn objects or viewports off to move around.

One example, I had one mesh-dense model imported from another program and a highly detailed nurbs model together in the same viewport and I wanted to trace some shapes in Layout space. This proved pretty much impossible. Osnap struggled to snap and typing text objects was so delayed.

My solution was to create a jpg of the viewport and insert it as a picture frame object and trace my shapes over that (obviously deleting the original viewport).

I have two questions (which I know you’ve heard before):

  • What would be the best graphics card that would support all your graphic improvements and help in Layout space on massive files?
  • Is there any way to freeze a viewport so it behaves in essence as a raster version of itself and not load up the graphics card?


(Steve Baer) #333

I doubt there is much a different graphics card will change in this area. We need to fix the slowdown by making some rather big changes to how the layout system is displayed. In other words, it’s our definitely our fault. I don’t know when we will revisit layout performance as there are other more pressing modeling performance issues that we need to focus on first.


Just downloaded the latest BETA and the performance is so much better now. Im using the Nvidia Titan XP card and I opened an old file from a past job that is 1.4 GB in size (not uncommon for my files) . Its tumbling around smoothly.
This is the Moon Tug from Independence Day : Resurgence. Modeled entirely in Rhino 5.

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Wow; are those screen captures from rendered display mode or raytraced?

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Its the “Arctic” Viewport mode.


Yeah, I get good speed on my Win10 Bootcamp 2015 Macbook Pro GeForce 750m on the retina at full res now.
So I agree, you have done a really great job! V6 is turning in to a smooth experience!


This is another heavy file. Around 1.2 GB file. Its a mix of nurbs and meshes. The hardware (clamp on gear ) are mostly meshes as they were to be provided by set dec so these are stand in. Despite that the model still was quite cumbersome in V5 and seems to move better in 6.


Artic view mode is doing a great job here! Impressive models BTW o.O

(Jeff Lasor) #341

More fantastic models with beautiful results! Thanks again for sharing.

(Jeff Lasor) #342


Hey Jorgen, does that MBP also have an Intel GPU? If so, I’d be curious if you can configure it so Rhino uses it instead…and see what kind of performance you get. Lots of recent tweaks and fixes should show better performance in the shaded and rendered modes.

No rush, just curious if A) It works, and B) How well. I’m getting decent performance here on a 13" MBP using an Intel Iris… If you have something different, then I’d like to collect information on it. Just trying to get a wider spread.



Hi Jeff, I would jump through burning loops for you, but “unfortunately” it seems to not be possible on this model when running bootcamp, as the iris is hidden from the system and doesn’t even show up in the devicemanager. I actually thought this machine was a single gpu setup, but I also searched the web quite a bit and it seems to not be possible.

OT: I bought an Acitio Node to run an GTX1070 as a eGPU system for this machine too, but that is not possible either due to something with the 750m, too bad, but I’ll survive now that you have improved the graphic speed so much :wink: