V6 Goal: Display Performance



Thanks for a great product!


Thank you.


Confirmed! Super impressed!

Essentially (unless necessary) stopped using Rhino on Windows, but was feeling left out…:slightly_frowning_face:

So loaded beta onto a bootcamp MacPro with two AMD FirePro D500, and opened a (previous) ‘death’ (for Rhino 5) file with hundreds of inside/outside corner rounded perforations.

Most all modes, including wireframe, choke and stutter in Win V5.

All modes smooth as silk in V6 beta!

FWIW - Rhino 5 Mac chokes more than Rhino 5 Win on this ‘death’ file.

Somehow and someway, hoping the V6 Win drastic improvements are comparable in V6 Mac?


(Steve Baer) #347

Yes, the V6 improvements will be seen in Mac Rhino 6.

(Jeff Lasor) #349

@ec2638, Would it be possible to get this “death” file? I’d like to see it.



PM you later…


I baked some colored mesh from Ladybug 0.0.65. The colors appear to be correct in Rhino 5 but incorrect in Rhino 6. I re-generated them from Grasshopper 1.0 's ladybug 0.0.65. The result is finally fine. Any solution for the previous meshes? Have to re-generate all of them in Rhino 6?

Also, the Grasshopper preview of meshes are always there appearing in the view port. I could not hide them by hiding the mesh components or disable GH display. Any solution?

(Steve Baer) #352

How do the meshes “appear incorrect”? Are the colors wrong? Shape of the geometry incorrect?


The file is attached. The problem occurs in render view.

test.3dm (1.7 MB)

It seems weird that when the mesh is selected, the colors are correct.

(Steve Baer) #354

I can reproduce this bug and am looking into it

Thanks for reporting

(Brian Gillespie) #355

RH-42645 is fixed in the latest BETA


Hi @brian

I just updated yesterday to the newest Update, and I now have fairly dramatic lag. I both wanted to

A) Let you know about it, and

B) I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to Roll Back to the previous update? (i.e. how my system was 2 days ago)


(Brian Gillespie) #357

Can you be specific about what a “farily dramatic lag” is?

You might have older builds in your auto-update folder:


Here and there (not all the time) I’m getting something like a 1 second (:01) lag when I try to grab existing dimension lines, or control points for both dimensions and crvs.

I’ll look into the older builds in that folder, thanks! Has anyone else experienced these lags?

And FYI - I’m on a different computer these days due to a GPU hardware problem on my laptop - so in case Pascal sees this, it’s a different problem :slight_smile:

(Steve Baer) #359

Please try the following so we can determine where the lag is coming from.

Close the properties panel (shown by unchecking the “Properties” menu item in the image below). Do you still see the lag when the properties panel is closed? I want to determine if updating the UI in that panel is the problem or if there is something in our display code that needs to be adjusted.



Ah, good call. Next time it happens I will do that. I have noticed some flashing in the Props Panel when I’m getting the lag.

@stevebaer UPDATE EDIT: Yes, that helped. Lag gone when Props Panel turned off. Is that a symptom of the most recent Beta update (i.e. will that go away if I roll back to the previous update?)


(Steve Baer) #361

Thanks, I’ll write up a bug for this. I’m not sure if the symptom is related to the most recent beta update. It is very possible, but without really knowing exactly what the bug is I can’t say.

(Steve Baer) #362

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