Dots in V6

Hi @stevebaer,

We work with Dots a lot and obviously been following the changes made in V6 WIP to speed up their display. Here is some feedback on V6 vs V6.

  1. Speed improvement is nice, so far that’s the only better thing about Dots in V6 ; )

  2. AntiAlias vs. Aliased - personally I like the old version better for 2 reasons: they were more clear to read at the same size of dots (see the image- @ 10 or 12 in V5 there are perfectly readable and crisp vs. hard to read in V6). Having to have bigger dots adds to the visual clutter in the vport. The other good part of non-AA was they felt like they belong to the UI, like command line, and not the actual scene elements, which I thought was their original and main function.
    If there was a way to have option of non-AA old style dots it would be great.

  3. colors - V5 was smart to know on darker dots text should become whive and vice-versa. V6 seems to be always black. I guess its just a bug and easy fix.

  4. Small annoying glitch in UI both V5 and V6- if you edit dot size with UI arrows from Properties panel, unless you click into the text field the dot size does not change.

And further improvements suggestions:
5) I think its on the pile already, but depth-sorting for dots would be great
6) additional properties of dot text color and dot border color would be nice.

many thanks,


Hi @stevebaer,

I have noticed some work has been done on TextDots in recent WIP - the texts looks nicer and crisper - good!
there are still some weird things going on though:

  1. the text seems to not be well centered with various scales of dots
  2. the ‘dark’ color sensitivity to switch to white is a bit off I think, try Blue or go darker in Blue color - text stays black. Greens seems to work OK.
  3. the dots get ‘fish-shaped’ (rounded corners), especially when the text in dot is a single character like + or . or single digit. Would be nice if the shape stayed consistent and always a circle even for small characters and rounded rectangle for longer texts.



Was this video from today’s WIP? I did some more alignment work this week which should fix the text placement issue you are seeing. If this video was from today’s WIP, then I obviously have sone more work to do.:grinning:

I’ve seen the ‘fish tail’ look too. This is probably pretty easy to fix once I get some time to actually fix it.


Hi Steve,

It was 9/20 WIP. Just installed today’s WIP: there is no dots, just text :slight_smile: It’s actually pretty cool, can we have this as an option :wink: I tried different display modes and fonts/sizes. No outlines at all.


Hi Jarek,

The issue has been fixed. Thanks for reporting!


Could you add special characters to the “Dot” command?

What special characters do you need?

You can type, for example: the symbol (approx.), diameter, greek alphabet letters, alpha, beta, etc. peak …


Even these, not only these…

Well, I still don’t know what you want, you can use any of the built-in fonts including Symbol in a dot, plus all of the ASCII key combos, like Alt+0216 for Ø or alt+0176 for °. True a lot of the Wingdings don’t work though.


To understand, i would like this to be implemented:
Comfortable, no?

Nothing answer?