Rhino locks up reading FBX file


I also experiance problems with display performance. I have a 150 mb fbx file, which I import into Rhino, then I try to hide a layer and there is no response fomr Rhino after that, only a freeze. Strangely I can’t even kill the process Rhino.exe

It’s hard to tell if this is display related or something entirely different. Would you be able to send us the file so we can try to repeat?

I’m sorry, but can’t send this file. The file was made in Navisworks and exported from this software to fbx, I hope this can help.

Sorry I don’t have that software. Can you make a jumbled up version of the model in Navisworks and try sending me an FBX of that?

snowmobile.zip (12.6 MB)

I was able to export 4 sample files. Please find first (smallest) attached. Please let me know if you need the rest of them.

Thanks! That model loads and displays quickly on my computer. Does it lock up your computer?

No Sorry, I can’t reproduce that. Tomorrow I’ll try to play a bit with the file I used originally, maybe I’ll be able to give more infrmation. I will try to deliver more data tomorrow, otherwise please close this topic.