Useless warning

Please get rid of the useless “Save changes… ?” warning when it’s obviously useless.
This happens frequently when one opens Rhino and is distracted while the initial popup appears.
Then the default template will load, and if you don’t want to start something from scratch, then you’ll try to open a file, and Kaboom : this silly warning appears.
The rule could be : if the only command in the command line is “Open”, then don’t pop-up the warning because there is actually nothing to save !


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I would strongly disagree.
I want the option to Save or Not every time.

Count this as 1 vote for Don’t change current behavior.


Hi John,
do you really understand what I mean ?

I agree that after firing up Rhino. When you hit Open to open an existing file it’s rather silly that Rhino asks if you want to save the current file. Because the file is just an untouched template.

IIRC In the past this was also implemented for files that were opened and only some view changes were done.

@John_Brock why would an untouched new file would need saving?



I suspect something else is going on here.
When I start Rhino using a template file and then immediately click New, I am not getting a message to Save.

By chance are you configured to automatically run commands when Rhino starts in Options > General?

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Me neither…

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Here is my command history :

The only thing that happens is that the Vray plugin is loaded.
Does that count as “something” that should be saved ?

It might, if it adds user data.


Try changing to the Rhino render and see if the behavior goes away.

I have both V-Ray and RhinoCAM that load on startup and it doesn’t do that.

Wow… We’ve got all the usual suspects here :slight_smile:

The ‘usual suspects’ are usually trying to help. But I won’t bother in this case.

The way the system is designed to work is if anything like geometry or adding a Layer to a file happens, then you are asked if you want to save those changes.
If nothing is added or removed to/from the file, then you’re not asked.
Zooming or Rotating a display falls in this list of ignored changes.

it happens here also all the time. I have V-Ray installed. Better contact Chaosgroup about this, they said they could fix it for me by logging in on my system. But I wasn’t ready for that

For once, I wasn’t being sardonic ; I said that in a nostalgic kind of way, but I guess it wasn’t perceptible.

Did you use your non-sardonic font?

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OK, thanks Gijs.
It’s just a trial anyways. I’m still not sure of which render plugin I should go for.

I’m assuming that could also be virtual stuff like document/user text or user data - stuff that might be invisible “to the naked eye”… In any case my V-Ray doesn’t seem to do this, but there might be scenes loading with materials or something else that I don’t have.

Well I do notice that if I don’t uncheck “Save plugin data”, a 200 kb file suddenly weighs 84+ MB
Perhaps I need to investigate this…