R6 little Bug - save changes to untitled?



if a try to open an exist file from the hard disk after I Rhino 6 started, than I will ask to save the current default untitled file. Please disable this behavior like it was at R5.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

I’m not sure I’ve seen this behavior, Micha (I’m not near a PC now, though).

Something like going to Rhino Options and clicking OK will trigger a “file changed” flag but doing nothing but opening an existing file shouldn’t do that.


I drag&drop a Rhino file from the Explorer to a fresh started Rhino only.

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

On my PC now and quickly testing this, Micha.
I launch Rhino 6 and drag & drop a file from Explorer. The file opens without questions about saving untitled.

Looks like we’ll have to dig deeper. Does it happen with files from any directory - on local HDD, network? Do you have start-up commands that might change something to the Rhino options?


On startup it runs: _TestToggleSubObjectSelect

I use a local HDD only. Plugins are VfR3.6 and Enscape.

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

I can at least rule out that _TestToggleSubObjectSelect has something to do with it. With that command in the start-up list, it still works as expected here. One of the bigger brains will have to chime in here - @brian?

(Brian Gillespie) #7

@Micha can you please disable VfR3.6 and Enscape, then start a fresh copy of Rhino? Does the behavior persist?


@brian Tested - it’s Vray. Are you in contact with the team or should I send a message?

(Brian Gillespie) #9

@Micha please contact V-Ray yourself. Thanks!