Asks me to save when i haven't changed anything

when you open a new or existing anything, don’t do anything, don’t even pan the screen, you’re asked to save. if you leave rhino for a while and come back then you have to remember whether you actually changed anything or not… or if it’s a blank file, you have an extra click before you can open another file. this is just plain evil and worse, really annoying.

I experimented and if I start Rhino, pan and zoom and even select objects but do not create or alter any objects (including creating and then deleteing objects) or change any document properties I can exit without being asked to save.

However if I create or alter any objects or change any document properties then I am asked if I want to save before exiting. This is the behavior I expect.

What exact version of Rhino are you using?

I have that too, it’s related to V-Ray here.

A view change should not trigger the “Something has changed trigger”.
I don’t know if VRay does anything that triggers the flag.
If you have anything in your Options > General > Command list: Run these commands every time Rhino starts list, that could do it too.

It seems to be because i had a plug-in disabled. When I open the program, it says “Blocking plug-in xxxxxxxx” which I guess tripped the flag for file modificaiton

That would be enough.
I don’t know a way to avoid that if you use the plug-in occasionally.