Rhino 5 starts differently after pc rebuild - help please

Had to back out of a Win 10 upgrade on my W500 laptop (it applied an inappropriate video driver) so took opportunity to do a clean Win 7 X64 build and reinstalled all my software. Now, when Rhino 5 starts up and I select a recent model from the splash screen (that’s the first action taken after start-up) I get asked if I want to save “Untitled”.

It didn’t do this before reinstalling and I’d like to get back to that behaviour, but I can’t find any settings that could relate to my issue and which have differences between the before and after values. It’s probably obvious but in one of my many blind spots, so could someone take pity on me and tell me what I’m missing? Thanks!

What SR is your Rhino 5?
And are you running 64 bit or 32 bit?

SR12 64 bit

That’s bizarre, that never happens here. Have you tried running as administrator once? Maybe it’s something that needs to register… Other than that I am in the dark. Good luck!

Another shot in the dark, but is Rhino maybe set to load a template file that has some sort of geometry in it? That might provoke the “save” reaction… --Mitch

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Revisited option settings after Helvetosaur’s reply. Turns out that in my reinstall I did not specify any default template in the options. In that use case Rhino presents the Save Untitled dialogue (and it also does so if you simply close Rhino immediately without opening a file or doing any editing). In the use case where you do have a default template specified in the options then Rhino will open your requested recent file without presenting the Save Untitled dialogue first.

That sort of makes sense.

There is a “file modified” flag in Rhino that is set when something changes in a file. If you open a file and nothing is changed, then the flag is not set. If you open another file and the “file modified” flag is not set, then you are not asked to save a file.

When you start Rhino with a default template, you are in effect opening an existing file. Nothing changes so the flag is not set when the next thing you do is open another file.

If you open Rhino without a default template, then a new file is created from internally stored settings and the “File modified” flag is set, prompting you for saving when you go to open something else.