Rhino file did not save even after saving


(Alexisjohn222) #1

I’ve worked on a project for hours, and every few seconds after I make a change I would Ctrl S to save, and I do receive the “save” prompt, but after attempting to render, the program seemed to have frozen and unresponsive, so I decided to why not just reset the program and open it up again since I’ve been saving my work? Well, that’s when everything went downhill since after opening up the file I was working on, it opened up the version HOURS before my LAST save. It was as if I was modeling the Eiffel tower, hit save, and then opening it up to just see one rectangle on the screen. This is absolutely frustrating, and neither of the backup files shows any versions of my latest changes on the file. Is there a reason why it did this so I can be wary of it in the future? Does rhino sometimes just not save even when you do? Thanks for any help and I apologize if this is starting to sound like a rant on the program, but I am just really tired and really hopeless.

(Chris Kuether ) #2

Go back and ctrlS again, pay attention to the savein directory. Oftentimes it’s not what I expect.