Untrimmed control points on new surface

I created this surface by playing with control points. But when I try a space truss frame or any structure in the grasshopper, it moves outside, it doesn’t define my new surface. What should I do to work on the surface I just created? Please help…Thanks for now.

problem2.3dm (339.7 KB)

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This is a common issue and asked many many times in this forum. Most components evaluate the underlying untrimmed surface for trimmed surfaces. Do some searching on the forum.

Your surface is trimmed, best you can do is run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on it to get the untrimmed surface closer to the trimmed surface bondary. You will still need to trim off the structure with your surfaces trim edge.

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hi again , could you looking this?

hi Michael, I tried “shrinktrimmedsrf” lots of, but didn’t change.
I have to trim this patch srf, cause of perceives different.