Need help with unrolling some panels

Hey everyone,

I am a design student running into some issues unrolling panels. Essentially there are some doubly curved surfaces which are coming out weird.

My steps are:

  • Taking out a single panel
  • Triangulating the Mesh
  • MeshToNURB
  • ptUnrollFaces

It then comes up with some really weird looking edges, I was wondering if anyone could help me out as this is due tomorrow :frowning:

If it helps, the geometry was baked off grasshopper, and there were point attractors involved, although I do not believe that was the issue



I believe you put this in the wrong category. It is very doubtful you’ll get an answer here. Paneling tool has nothing to do (at least not apparent) with structural panels. It is confusing, I know. Move your thread to Rhino for windows category

Upload the .3dm file with the unrolled NURBS geometry and then someone may be able to help.

Why did you use ptUnroll and not UnrollSrf?

We’ve been told to use the ptunrollfaces function to unroll our faces. Whether or not this is optimal is up for debate but that is what we have been told to use.

@ccc1 Did you end up solving this issue, or you still need help?

It’s fine now as I ended up changing my geometry, but now I can’t figure out how to vary the panel type, (ie I have 4 different panel types I have generated) according to point attractors based on distance to said points.

Could you give an example of the result you are getting now, vs a model or sketch of what you desire to get?