Map Grid to Curved Surface

Hi all,

I have created a hexagonal grid with attractor points that I would like to attach to a curved lofted surface. I have tried everything but I can’t seem to map the hexagons onto my surface. Is there any fix to this? I can’t use plugins for this assignment. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hexagon (27.0 KB)

I think the problem here (for me at least) was that your lofted curves result in a brep and trying to map onto the four surfaces was pretty hairy. Instead, I used a component from Pufferfish, Unsplit Loft Surface which results in one kinky but still parameterizable surface. Since I wasn’t sure which way you wanted the hexes oriented, I also gave you the option of switching u.v axis for the mapping. Also, the way you created the grid, there’s no guarantee that the edges will join nicely at all the seams when it’s wrapped around the loft; you’ll have to do some trimming first before mapping.Think about it.

Hexagon (37.6 KB)


hey @akilli I have the same issue but can it be done without plug ins by any chance and what will be the approach towards that

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As I mentioned above, the problem is that loft is a brep of four surfaces. My first tries were to split the source geometry (the hexgrid) into 4 parts by defining a source surface, ie. bounding box, using Isotrim to split that into four pieces, and then using those curves, by various means, to split the source geometry into 4 chunks. Then, if you’re still with me, mapping each of those 4 chunks to the 4 lofted surfaces. Maybe someone will have better luck than I did but there was always something in the resulting mapping that was out of alignment. This approach might work for you. It really depends on your initial geometry and target surface I believe.

Or, you can always rebuild the curves with a large number of control points, and degree >=3, so that the lofted surface is without kinks, but still with corners that look fairly sharp. You’ll probably end up with a single surface. Then you can use what did above, minus the all the kinky stuff.

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Without a plugin or script there isn’t a native way to switch the reading of this loft from having kinks to having creases (The Pufferfish one does this and the geometry is exactly the same except it’s output as an untrimmed single surface). You can take @akilli other suggestion to rebuild or round out your corners (small enough that you don’t notice it) and loft so it doesn’t split into a brep. This method however may cause UV bunching at the corners which may make the mapping look deformed.

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thank you all for your help, i really appreciate it! i was able to figure out something that worked for me :slight_smile: