Help! I am trying to create a surface from points on rhino/grasshopper

Urgent Help! I am trying to create a surface from points on rhino/grasshopper. I keep getting a 1. A point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted on the final command. Please help!!

ROM - Grasshopper .gh (75.7 KB)
ROM - Site Topography Only-.3dm (10.4 MB)

despite the mesh being invalid, I believe the problem comes to the fact that some points are being projected and can’t find any destination mesh: try making in such a way also that left bottom corner is covered by the Mesh (edit: also top right corner is not covered by any mesh)

Thank you for getting make to me so quickly. However, I am having trouble understanding the solution you are suggesting. I am not sure how to correct the fact that points are not finding a destination mesh. I also am not sure why the mesh is coming back invalid and how to correct that. Far as the mesh not covering a given corner, how would I fix that?

Hi @Ashton_Harrell

First of all, I recommend you to add align vertices command after creating a Delaunay mesh since, in most cases, it will fix the invalid mesh (some points of the mesh are duplicated and it generates an error when creating the mesh).

On the other hand, as @inno says, there are some errors when projecting the point to the mesh since some points do not intersect. Apparently, that is not a problem, that points do not appear in the solution that’s all. Regarding the command you use to create the quadrangulate mesh, you established many points in U and V directions, that’s why your command is not working since it is only valid if both numbers of points in V and U are equals. Otherwise, I changed that command and made some changes and it perfectly works.

ROM - Grasshopper .gh (75.6 KB)


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Thank you so much! I understand now what you and @inno are speaking to. I inherited this file and not sure how it was initially created. I am also still learning Grasshopper and was unsure what tools are available to solve some of these issues. Thank you both again!