Unreliable snap

I have observed it many times but this time my fuse has blown.
Most of my time I work in a perspective mode, even drawing plans.
Often, when I snap to the ends (with only end osnap on) it won’t work precisely snapping to ‘almost end’. It makes me chase mistakes at the later stage, wasting lots of time.
Snapping 2D is fine while in 3D I have to zoom close to check whether it snapped properly.
Can you do something about it?

What’s it snapping to? Do you have Near snap on?

Nope, only end points.

Well, I don’t see how it’s possible if you only have End Osnap on that it snaps to something other than an end point…

I don’t know.
Maybe I think and work faster than my computer is capable of following me. Maybe it is about those microseconds wich Rhino needs to discover snap.
Hate to say it but AutoCad was exemplary there.

Dunno, it either snaps or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t snap, your clicked point is somewhere undetermined on the CPlane, not necessarily on a curve or surface.

I seem to recall this issue in the early days of either V5 or V6. I remember experiencing this myself. I can’t really speak about V7 as I’m not yet using it on a daily basis.

Why don’t you show exactly what’s happening on your screen with a screen video? In case you have trouble recording, try OSB Studio.

it doesn’t happen all the time so it’s hard to record hours of video but once in a 100 times unexpectedly can give you a headache

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If I’m working fast I sometimes see the osnap light up at the end of an object and as I’m hitting enter or right clicking I start moving the cursor too soon before the operation actually completes so a location is recorded close to my intended osnap but slightly off… Particularly on the Macbook as I like to have the sensitivity set high on the trackpad. Less likely when I’m using a mouse.So there may be a sluggish performance issue caused by Rhino or the underlying computer speed - but the biggest factor in my case is simply that I move the cursor before confirming.the location.

I also work fast with slight impatience to do the next move. I’m working on Macbook as well, maybe it is a retarded hardware.

or…you have a small micro edge that actually has ends that is near the actual end you want…

run show edges on the problem areas… is there a pink dot near your end, but not AT your end? If so you can rebuild edges or merge edges to remove it…they can result from a slightly off trim, or slightly mis matched boolean, or a process that was undone but split the edge…lots of reasons really…

showedges will help you diagnose.

That’s not the case for sure. I’m quite neat at my work and always check end points alignment and curve quality.

I also have this problem now and then. It could have something to do with having smart track enabled…


I know SmartTrack can be very helpful but also deceiving. I’m fully aware of it and use it with caution.

Caution? why?

Because smart track is stronger in action than osnap.

that does not explain your comment on it being deceiving…
that implies it’s not accurate or causes an incorrect result.

Beacuse I rarely use it and I didn’t use at that time.

ok…you are not answering what I asked…moving on.