Unreliable snap

I did.
ST is helpful in orthogonal drawings or anything else that is sort-of regular and predictible.
With things that don’t follow the grid or pattern it is better to have it off otherwise it will snap to it’s preferences rather than my pick.

Thanks for the report, Piotr. I’m very surprised the problem still exists in version 6. I have the same problem in v4. I had hoped it had been fixed by now. I use the snap a lot when putting down the reference lines I then use to create surfaces. When I use show naked edges I will often see pink. I need to go back and manually set the coordinates of some points then rebuild my surfaces.

For those that may not have seen the problem you will find you can go to a point that was snapped and check its details. One or more of the three parts of the coordinates will appear as a non-zero value to the power of e-12 or e-13. In other words, it is 0, almost, and will bite you down the road if you don’t catch it early.