New to rhino and my snap to points doesn't work at all

hello, I have been using Rhino 6 for about a month, it is a great program. I am not new to CAD but just now learning this program. I can’t seem to get any snaps to work, endpoint, mid, center, nothing snaps. I have OSNAP turned on and nothing snaps. Please advise. As I mentioned I am new so deep jargon means nothing to me. thanks in advance. dennis

What does your osnap panel look like? Osnap is bold in the status bar? Are all of the abovementioned snaps checked in the box?

Hello, I would send you a picture but I don’t see how. I have end, center, knot and mid checked. My OSNAP looks just like yours and I have gumball on as well. I may be trying to do it wrong. I thought that if I grabbed the selection in the center and hovered the end over the desired spot it would snap and keep it’s shape. If I grab one of the corner dots it will snap then, but doesn’t that change the shape, it’s seems that it does? thanks, d


OK, I think you need to read up on the basics here, especially the user manual and its section 5 on “accurate modeling”. Rhino User's Guide. It will tell you all about how object snaps work.

If you are talking about curves, the control points turn on when you select them (by default, which is a bad idea IMO). If you move objects’ control points that will change the shape. Objects in Rhino do not have a “center” - despite the fact that the Gumball tool has a dot there that seems to indicate that it does - so you can’t snap the “center” of an object to another point in that way. Objects are point-to-point - from a place like a curve end, to some other place like a circle center…


Hello, OK, so here is the pic of my layout. Regarding my understanding, i will definitely read the link you suggested. i was playing with this after I wrote my last post. I can snap on centers with circles and I was snapping the center of rectangles to circles as well. It is just the corners of rectangles that i can’t get anything to work with EXCEPT that one of my rectangles will snap on one corner to a center but not any other corners which is all weird as far as i am concerned. i will read the info suggested and hope it will help. It makes no sense to me at present what will snap and what won’t. I used Autodesk 20 years ago, it had so many options for snapping that it would drive you crazy. my other CAD program has snaps that work more easily than Rhino but that is probably just me at this point.
thanks to all for the info and help. cheers, dennis

…and specifically in the HELP file:

EX: Rectangle corner would be End and Int (intersection) points…
snap00 2-18-2020

Hello, Just wanted to thank folks for the input on snapping. Still having issues but it is better. I still don’t understand why this is so difficult. I made a couple of parts that need to be exactly lined up I have tried snapping them with all of Ortho, planar and osnap on in different configurations with end, mid center etc. Still not any luck to get these pieces to line up. It is maddening to have to move it .025mm at a time to get the lines in the correct places. So, any advise would still be great, this can’t be that hard to do surely? thanks, D

No, it’s not, snapping is one of the basic functions that generally ‘just works’… So something else is going on, can you post a small example file with elements that you are not able to snap to each other properly?

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Hello, I would love to but I tried to attach a picture and I can’t figure it out either! haha, I am not a young person who has lived on the net so my skills are low. I have thought that maybe my program was defective, none of the snaps really work well, Even if I put grid snap on the pieces don’t snap to the grid, they snap about .1mm away from the grid, if I draw a rectangle for instance with grid snapping on it still puts it away from the point. Is there some place in options that needs to be changed or something? seems when I was first looking inside the program I saw something about snapping 22 pixels away from object? d

Don’t post a picture post, the Rhino file. Use this button above the post window


-or just drag the file into the post window.

Don’t use Grid Snap! That will just lead to wrong snapping and confusion.

little test for rhino 0229.3dm (474.8 KB)
I have made two boxes, I can’t get them to snap to each other at all. thanks, d

Hello, that is excellant. i will work with it to get it down. Somehow it started copying the object but it still moved it where I wanted.
Have a great weekend, you helped me tremendously! cheers, D

I am still braindead on snapping. Here is a new file that I can’t get the two parts to snap in any way shape of form. I have tried the snap to point to no avail. 250.3dm (806.2 KB)
I am really beginning to think my snap is not working and I may need to reinstall the program, hope not. again any help will be much appreciated. Now, I just did it again and it worked, didn’t do anything differently except I rewatched your video and did it in right view and then again in perspective so still even more confused. D

Which objects do you want to snap?

Hello, i am connecting a and b. Like I said it is working now, I did it twice but we did it about 4 times before I wrote and did the exact same command and it didn’t do it. Part of the command states about being in verticle [?] and when i was doing it when it didn’t work i was in front mode. It works in pers and right. thanks, D

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That explains it. The “Vertical” option is vertical to the active CPlane, not World XY.

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so I should say no here and turn that bit off? d

Vertical constrains your move to Vertical to the active CPlane. If you are snapping from one corner of an object to another, the move is fully defined, so this is not necessary. If your corners are not exactly aligned vertically, a vertical constraint could cause you to miss your snap - it will snap to the Z level of the destination snap but not in XY.