Toolbar layouts are just not working

No matter how much I try to arrange them I just get something new.
Until I forget what I even had or needed.
this is even more annoying when using capture viewport, which takes the format from viewport format, which changes because of this bug.

Wow… is this on reopening Rhino? You arrange things so you like them, close and reopen rhino and get this?
Do you have multiple toolbar files open?


Hi @pascal,
This has to do with having multiple instances of Rhino running.
And also It has to do with new install, or install of plugins that add toolbars.

After I got a new install I had to rearrange the toolbars several times.
Once they got stable I got a new install for Enscape which changed somehow the toolbar layout by adding the enscape toolbar.
Then I was changing them again but I was running several instances of rhino.
I tried to run only one instance, arrange the toolbars and close and i see now that they are stable again.
But they will probably get messed up again with a new install of a plugin that adds toolbars.

now for example I added a new tab for polygons and again it shows wrong:

I don’t think this depends on multiple instances.
It happens randomly and in extreme cases completely rearranges all toolbars, panels and other UI elements.
Smaller random changes (e.g. changed toolbar sizes) happen litterally every single time I open a Rhino instance.
It has plagued Rhino since I use it (Version 4).
It allways has been this way and I must admit I completely lost hope that it ever will get better, as it keeps happening in Vers. 6 and 7 WIP…

As sad as this sounds my advice is: Get used to it.

@norbert_geelen - I’m sure you’ve seen this a hundred times, but, just in case: If you run Rhino maximized, try restoring it and then rezise the window until it is as large - close to maximized - as you can get it. Then Maximize and close. Does that make any difference at all?


this is also related:

Hi Pascal.
This actually is new to me, but I have lots of questions:
By “restoring” do you mean re-setting the toolbars to their desired positions manually?
What is the expected outcome?
Are the micro rearrangements of toolbars and panels supposed to stop by this procedure?
Do I need to do this overtime before I close Rhino to get the desired result?

Hi Norbert - when a maximized Rhino starts up, it first goes to its restored size before you see it as maximized- the idea is, if you can get your toolbars looking correct at a restored size that is very close to the maximized, then less toolbar rearrangement has to take place between the two sizes and success is more likely - if it does ‘work’ then you should only need to do it once if you always use maximized.


That does sound like promising advice to minimize the moving toolbars.
I will try that and let you know if it helps.

thanks, Norbert

After a quick test I can say that while this doesn’t resolve all the unwanted rearrangements, it surely reduces the amount of frustration.

The only remaining errors so far are a custom colour swatches toolbar that keeps on moving to a new, independent row from time to time and (the most consistent error) the Osnap and selection filter panels not showing all their items even though there is enough space 8leaving empty space but nevertheless displaying the double arrow icon).
Not perfect but very much improved.

Thank You again, Pascal.

Yes… one of my favorite gripes as well. This is not strictly toolbar related but extremely annoying.


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