Toolbars not staying after restart

Every time I restart Rhino my toolbar layout is shuffled and I have to reorder them.

Rhino 7 Version 7 SR18
(7.18.22124.3001, 2022-05-04)

Toolbars set

Toolbars after restart.

Toolbars in V7 do not stack end to end reliably.
This is under development for V8.
Your best option is to create your own long toolbars with the tools copied in the order you want them. Just avoid stacking them end to end.


What is weird is that I’ve never had this problem before. My toolbars always stayed where I put them, and several are custom. I had not used Rhino in a couple months, and updated to 7.18., and this began happening. It also affected WIP8. Could this be related to switching from medium icons to large? That is one change I made.

That sounds likely. If nothing else, as a contributing factor.

I just switched back to medium icons and the same thing is still happening. Whether it is the reason or not, this only began after an update to 7.18. Unlike what John Brock says, my toolbars stacked reliably till now. This is absurd if I’m not only one experience this and it’s a problem with Rhino 7 UI.

try this-
right click on the rhino icon and run as admin-

arrange your toolbars like you want them and then file> exit This allows rhino to write prefs before closing.

(do not close using the red upper right corner X)

then restart rhino normally.

any better?

Thanks Kyle. It helps sort of. If I start Rhino from the standerd icon, the toolbars get shuffled. However, if I start it in Admin mode, they remain where they were put.

start in admin mode then go to tools>toolbarlayout and file>saveall your toolbars again. then exit and launch normally to see if they “stick”

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Thanks Kyle, but that process doesn’t solve the problem.

ok, maybe @JohnM may have some ideas on how to nail this for good-

Some more information if it helps. I use a work desktop (on location) and a laptop at home. I save my customized .rui to my google drive. Both Rhino setups use the .rui stored there. (This is how I’ve been set up forever.) My thought was the when I customize it on one machine, it is stored on GDrive and the customization becomes available on the other machine. So far, Rhino on the laptop runs as expected with the toolbars as set. The desktop still re-arranges them. As I mentioned, this problem only began after updating the desktop to 7.18. (the laptop is R7.17) I also have the WIP on both machines using the same .rui, but stopped using it as I don’t want to confuse things more.

thanks- I’ll let john take a peek and see what he thinks.

Same issue here after updating to 7.18.
Completely stable previously.

This worked for me.
Thanks very much Kyle!

Edit: Correction. They are haywire again within a couple of days. Very frustrating.

Hi -

I’m afraid there is no point in trying to find out more about this. We know that toolbars and panels go haywire on Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 and there is no way that we know of to make them behave. This
won’t be fixed.

Rhino 8 will use a completely new way of storing information about panels and toolbars… Once that is made publicly available in the WIPs, we will welcome any feedback on how that works.

I had a problem similar to this - the issue I found was in part from multiple instances of Rhino

I save all tool bars on one instance of Rhino, and then ensure that is the last Rhino window I close down.

My buttons and bars then stay where I put them

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I’m not usually snarky on this forum, but WOW! Essentially, this is saying “stop asking for a remedy. Two years from now and for $995+ you may get a fix.” I don’t have the problem with on the machine with 7.17. Perhaps I’ll just stick with that.

I apologize.