Toolbars keep resetting / exploding


Maybe once a week my Rhino toolbar layout will rearrange itself upon opening a new file. All the docked and sorted toolbars will essentially explode themselves into individual rows. I’ll rearrange them and re-lock the toolbars only to have it happen again in a week.

Here’s what it looks like:

I prefer to have all my tool icons visible (like in previous versions) instead of hidden away in tabs (like the Rhino 5 update). I’ve recently switched computers and the issue still followed me even with fresh installs. Any idea how to resolve this?

  • Dave

Rhino 5 SR12 64-bit.

Hello @DRAFTStudio,
I’d suggest using workaround, command OptionsExport and OptionsImport until your problem gets solved,
as is written on the wiki:

Also, you might want to look into this article:

Good luck!

I should also mention that clearing and reloading my custom toolbar from a toolbar file doesn’t work after this toolbar explosion has happened. I have tried rearranging my toolbars the way I like them, then saving out 2 copies of that layout in different locations to try and avoid corruption. Loading either of these backup files never works either.

No matter what I try I always have to manually rearrange the toolbars.

Is your advice when this happens to rearrange my toolbars, use OptionsExport to save out that layout, then use OptionsImport to restore them the next time they go haywire?

I’ve been trying the above toolbar layout save and import but it never works.

Well it should work in the sense that any customization you have made to the individual buttons (scripts, macros, icons etc.) should be preserved in any copy you make of the toolbar (.rui) file. If this stuff is not getting saved, then there is something quite wrong and that is separate from the second problem below.

However, unfortunately, the arrangement of the toolbars on the screen is not contained in the Rhino .rui file itself, it is contained in the Windows registry. With some users, this section of the registry seems to get hosed with some regularity - the frequency seems to vary by person. When that happens, Rhino knows only that that a certain number of toolbars should be open, but it no longer knows where to dock them anymore - so it puts them more or less anywhere (unfortunately), hence the “jumble”.

Other users experience the toolbars completely disappearing (this is often my case) usually with a little command line message “root element is missing” as Rhino opens. In that case the .rui file is generally still fine, it’s just all the toolbars have been closed and some things like docked panels have been reset to defaults. No remedy there either except to pull out and rearrange everything again.


Hi David - one thing to try at least is, with all sessions of Rhno closed, to run Rhino as Administrator (Right click on the Rhino icon, choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Set the toolbars to taste and then close and reopen Rhino normally - see if this sticks better.


This happens to me regularly. I asked for help on this forum and no one could.
What really happens in that ALL the check boxes shown in Tools/ToolbarLayout get cleared.
To get my custom layout back I have to re-check the boxes for the toolbars I like to have on my second monitor.
They pop up into their assigned positions when each check box is checked.
I notice that this happens often when multi-tasking Illustrator, Photoshop and Rhino. Yes, my machine can take it.